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The Thinkers app is a fun and engaging way to train your brain to make snap decisions when you need to, and improve your creative and analytical thinking. Unlike many trivia game apps, that simply require you to memorise piles of facts, the Thinkers app is based on the latest technology, incorporating pioneering techniques to develop quickness of mind, imagination, and logical thought processes.
Thinkers app trains different types of thinking and hones varied types of mental skills that will change the way you relate to situations you encounter every day of your life, including
• logical thinking;
• imagination and ability to think laterally;
• finding creative solutions to daily problems;
• determining the most efficient way to perform a given task;
• working out cause-effect relationships and the ability to predict knock-on changes;
• ability to build and solve models.
Even more excitingly, the Thinkers app also helps you develop your understanding of human psychology!
If you are competitive, you can invite your friends to join your group, show off personal web page achievements and compete with them to rise up the group rankings. If you prefer enjoying yourself in a more relaxed way, you can disable the time control setting and simply have fun while training your brain at your own pace.
As a player, your goal is to answer questions using a minimum of hints and additional attempts. When you are feeling competitive, you can work to increase your rank and the number of points you earn by reducing the time limits for your responses. For a more relaxed experience, the time limits can be increased to allow you to solve interesting puzzles and do more intricate tasks at the speed that suits you.
The questions are divided into sections by theme, varying in difficulty from levels 1 to 5. The time allowed for response is different for each question, depending on the complexity, and can be adjusted individually for each level.
If the time limit is higher than the default, you will not be added to the ratings and will not be offered prizes.
At installation, you will receive a six-pack of 10 questions each, on topics such as:
• Thinker Junior
• Thinker
• Expert Thinker
• Humour
• Humour Expert
• What's in the photo?
You also get a starting balance of 100 Thinker coins.
Thinker coins can be used to buy a new package of questions, more tips to help you solve tricky questions, or additional answer attempts and additional thinking time. Thinker coins can be obtained as a reward for solving an entire package of questions correctly, for referring friends to the game, or for viewing advertisements. The game’s economy is designed to ensure that it can absolutely be played for free by a patient and thoughtful player.
You can change the amount of advertising through the Ad settings in the application. If you are the sort of person who is driven crazy by advertising, it is possible to disable adverts altogether, although this may cause you to run out of Thinker coins and stop you from being able to download new packages of questions. However, there are other ways to gain Thinker coins. You can either;
• Invite friends to the game and receive Thinkers for each package of questions they successfully pass, or
• Purchase Thinker coins with real, out-of-game money.
This app respects your privacy and personal data security.
• You do not need to fill in your identification and personal data fields to play the game. These are only required for social interaction, for joining the game referral programme, or for transferring your in-game achievements to a new device
• The Thinkers app does not have purchases with multiple charges.
If you disagree with the game’s assessment of the answer you give, you can dispute it by hitting the ‘Disagree’ button, and your answer will be reviewed directly by a member of our staff.
The Thinkers’ app database currently has more than 2,000 tasks, and our game content is being constantly updated and added to.

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