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 TIMEKILLER: Guess The Song – Midi & Lyrics Edition 2.8

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Hi there!

I am working on this little project here, called "GUESS THE SONG - Midi & Sheets & Lyrics Edition".

It is basically a song guessing game, but you will never hear the actual song. Instead you get to see the musical notes, the lyrics and you can play the main melody and listen to it played from a midi engine.

The faster you guess the song right, the more you get rewarded!

This is a testing phase. I have implemented ONLY stage EASY yet with 10 levels. After a short feedback phase, I will add more levels and features!
If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me under www.facebook.com/innnomotion or via email: innomotion@web.de

I hope you like it. You comments and ratings will be taken very serioulsy! :)

This is how to play:

The goal for each level is to type in the NAME of the song in question. Not the Artist and not the album. To find it, you can go about a few ways:
You always get to see the most known part of the song written down in notes with a little bit of the beginning lyrics. You cannot play it, you don’t see the artist nor all of the lyrics. If you think you may have the name, click on “I got it, it is …” and fire up your phone’s keyboard. Type in the name of the song. It is NOT case sensitive, but all words need to be written correctly and numbers can be written as “123” instead of “one, two, three”. It can be one, two or sometimes even three or more words!
If you type in the artist, it will give you an incorrect answer and then vibrate.
However, sometimes you may not be able to find the song name only by its notes. This is why you will have 50 coins to play with! You can spend those on aids. There are currently three different aids you can buy:
1) “Play Bars”. This can be purchased for 5 coins and is probably the best and most effective way of finding the right answer.
2) “Show Artists”. This can be bought for 20 coins and will surely narrow it down.
3) “Show Lyrics”. This is available for only 25 coins and will make it very easy for you!
For each correct answer, you get rewarded 5 coins! If you run out of coins and cannot find the answer, visit the shop from the main menu to buy more coins!
Oh, and worry not: The levels on each stage come in randomly – so no cheating ;)!
My tip: Since solving a level gets you 5 coins but playing the song as much as you like instead costs you 5 coins, this might be the handiest way of finding the levels solution.
I hope you like this little game. If it gets good ratings and downloads, I will add more and more levels!
Thank you for reading this and good fun!
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