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Since its inception as Eiichiro Oda in 1997, One Piece is a manga that has come a long way to becoming one of the most popular titles ever. To be convinced, just look at the sales figures this each new volume and this, whether in Japan or France. Like many mangas before him, the popularity of One Piece has led him to emancipate little by little from his condition of basic manga, to become a true cultural pop phenomenon. Products, derivatives, animation series, amusement park, eatery (yes you read correctly), taking the aesthetics and universe of the series have flourished over the last two decades. The world of video games has not escaped the madness of One Piece, since many titles have been released on a large board of reassures since the early 2000s. This is the case of this One Piece Thousand Storm , a title released recently on versatile.

If you know a bit about One Piece, you will not be disappointed after launching One Piece Thousand Storms. The game propels you directly into the heart of the universe of the series to replay the adventures of Luffy and his band. After choosing a starting area, which determines your basic characters (Luffy obviously, and Usopp, Sanji, Nami or Zorro), you can relive the bends jumpers that make up the adventure. Well, almost, because this One Piece Thousand Storm decides to start right after the events of Sabaody, and the ellipse of two years that follows. An ingenious way to offer different skills and appearance for the main characters, the latter existing by varying pre and post Sabaody (which greatly affects their abilities if you followed the manga or the animated). Like many titles of this kind, One Piece: Thousand Storm also offers regular reward events to win characters and special abilities. Most of them are also centered on large circular segments past the series, and we can standard example replay the first meeting between Luffy or Zorro. A nice touch that will certainly delight the fans, even if we regret quickly that this nostalgic angle takes precedence over the rest.

Tips for One Piece A Thousand Storm is free to download.
This app is NOT an OFFICIAL version of tips for the One Piece game. This app is a TIPS for One Piece Thousand Storm Game on Mobile
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