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 Titan Attack on Block Kingdom C20

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Titan Attack on Block Kingdom is a thrill-a-minute FPS action adventure game. Fight against a mixture of human and titan enemies all as you attempt to beat the clock and earn the ultimate perk in the journey of claiming the title of ultimate fighter.

The frozen lake had finally cracked open after all these frigid years. It was not this fact which startled me, rather, it was the single trail of enormous footsteps that lead out...

I rushed back to the capitol, breathless. The titans had returned and I needed to let everyone know before the world we'd painstakingly reconstructed tumbled beneath their wrath and our numbers defeated. A stabbing in my side and a lack of oxygen caused me to slow down and catch my breath. When the dizziness faded and I crested the hill, I realized I was too late. The city was engulfed in the pollution of demolished buildings as the citadel was under attack by not one, but several titans. That's when I noticed that these monsters were attacking deliberately, and that a series of human warriors fought by their side. This was no random attack. Our realm was under attack. This was war.

Lock onto your target and unload your bullets. This is the ultimate running and shooting experience. As you first load the game, you'll be prompted to watch a video to earn a reward. If you opt to accept this bonus, you'll receive a powerful power-up. This power-up could be a great boon to you as you run through the levels shooting down enemies in a race against time. With each level equipped with their own integrated timer, you'll be pitted against the clock from the moment you start the game, and if you are powerful and swift enough to beat the level within the time given, you'll earn a permanent weapon. Run, shoot, jump, crouch, collect weapons and ammo, all within a stunning 3D pixel universe. As you battle it out, you might find yourself shooting blanks. If this happens, you can watch a brief video ad to claim more ammo to keep fighting. Gain tips and insight into the game between levels with tip screen during loading. Watch for enemies with provided entity map. Lock onto enemies with FPS precision aiming. This game is the best war stimulator game you'll play. Download for free today!

Game Features:

~New, improved game interface
~Simple, touch pad controls
~Mission-style level select
~Earn power-ups
~Hand-to-hand combat
~Game timers
~Stronger, more intelligent enemies
~Level select map screen
~Collect blocky weapons and ammo
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