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TKM, Traffic Management Center Software, is a complete IOT platform for traffic management. The platform is capable of operating at microscobic, mesoscopic and macroscopic levels in a city. Some of applications supported on the platform are:
● Dynamic Junction Control System
● Floating Car Data (FCD): This data is generated by GPS enabled vehicles and covered by all roads in Turkey. For every 50 meter segments, speed and coverage data is produced in every minutes. This data is used for traffic analysis, traffic management, traffic and transportation planning. FCD is generated many countries in the world.
● Traffic State & Estimation: Traffic state estimation is made for current time and up to next 1 hour, and is published to the media.
● Incident & Strategy Management: The system detects incidents (abandonment, accident, road construction etc...) in 15 minutes using speed and coverage data in machine learning algorithms and alerts the operators. According to the severity of the incident, system suggest one of strategies between Variable Speed Limitation, Alternative Route, Bottleneck Management, Corridor Management to the operators, and operators can apply these strategies to recover the traffic state.
● Corridor Management: The system, coordinates all signalized junctions and bottlenecks according to speed and occupation in a road corridor. In Sanlurfa Metropolitan Municipality, the algorithms are applied in 13 consecutive junctions and average travel time was reduced up to 55%.
● Right Of Way Management in Junctions: The system automatically lights green to the approaching emergency vehicles such as Ambulance, Fire Truck which have prior right of way. The system was applied in all current client municipalities in Turkey.
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