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The World Health Organization states that depression tends to be the major infectious disease of the modern world. The inability to raise life satisfaction, sense frustration and dysthymia tend to relate to characterize large groups. The true physician and educator of the future will deal with both recipes for your body, as to principles for the spirit. "The Light" promises that will not bored now living in the city. The story will speak through filegiving forms and symbols to remind the duty of everyone who was oblivious and indifferent .... As you will hear a click and the darkness will be lost in darkness will march in the streets of life Gods, Demigods , Philosophers, Martyrs, Martyrs, Benefactors, Symbols, FILLELINON. Social standards, so much neglected and displacement has brought them so much suffering in the world and the environment. I believe, indeed, that the implementation of this innovation will be extremely useful in all areas and especially in the field of health, and my belief that derive from the words of the great physician S.Froint who linked mental balance the achievements of Greek culture, saying: "Looking at the statues and monuments of Greece, it is important to feel that you are part. This is spiritual balance and harmony soul." The structure and operation of innovative epinoiseos coincides with the view of S.Froint, especially when the achievements of culture and social norms, are common in daily view on the streets and their existence is incorporated into our lives at a glance and influence of thus thinking, evolution and our future, by experiencing the admiration and devotion to ideals. The Greek spirit needs a living torch, which burns the northrotita mass and illuminates alertness and creativity of the person xemytizei from linazonta waters with unusual features. Such a torch is a versatile device "THE LIGHT" which have received international awards and positive feedback at the international level, because it has proven to be the standard-stimulus fertilization of the human mind, ypovoithontas this way and the decision of the UNESCO which clearly states the return of antiquities on the use for which they were constructed. Even if we do not understand, feel, because the transmitter wakes our sensitivities, because it poses the heroism, wisdom, virtue with all types of securities and offer their illustrious made accessible in a simple manner to everyone. It will help to change the world in road signs, will serve the historical, cultural heritage and alitheiagia not paracharasoun "historical data" making daily inexpensive and National Policy for Greece in higher spheres of influence and expression to create Fillelinon. "THE LIGHT" is teaching and education and as Plutarch said "Since human only education is divine." Euripides said that "Cities suffer most if not honored the worthy as they deserve." The States have the least to do, is to replace the impersonal street signs with "TOFOS" to erase the signs of the darkness of apaidefsias and to honor those who really apofisan once to honor and no one today remembers who was neither , let alone what they offer much more. "TOFOS" sympyknonintas History and Culture acts as a catalyst, as resistance to oblivion and decay for present and future generations. The initiator of the Idea "TOFOS" Markos.Ath.Arvanitis.
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