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 Tomb of Lost City : Secret Agent Lara Commando 1.2.1


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Tomb of Lost City : Secret Agent Lara Commando

Tomb of Lost City Secret Agent Lara Commando best action game of the year

Tomb of Lost City Secret Agent Lara Commando is an undercover Army officer, and her partners Max the Dog, hey are on the secret mission to rescue the people and save them from the enemies, It has commando adventure action, combat relic run real commando secret, front line commando day, war game adventure escape bullet strike, critical strike and have amazing graphics, with Agent Lara you are elite Croft agent and military shooter by army secret service agency to ensure the security of your nation. Be Army front line commando of warfare group and operate under the radar.

The tomb is well guarded by the armed mercenaries across lost city labyrinth, raider locate Lara from armed guards and stay invisible in the Croft. Uncover the mysteries doors and tracks in ruins of city labyrinth. Ancient civilization create deadly traps to eliminate invasion of foreigner raider, scape assassin in the darkest hour of life, reach the lost catacomb temple, craft fulfill your secret guardian duty by restoring the balance between good and evil, stay in stealth mode like inside city ruin from deadly assassins, the armed guards are patrolling around temple across tomb, run in to action packed shooting game, raiding tomb with priceless artifact to stop evil scientist, steal weapon from enemies like sniper gun, assault rifle and automatic pistol. Don’t get humiliate and dishonored get ready for hand to hand combat with enemy gunman raider. Rise as warrior from survival mission bring light to the secret guardian society by saving mankind from the wrath of Lara as real relic hunter.

Train yourself as army commando superhero Croft spy & spider hero and survival escape for rescue missions, exhibit quickly move and sneak skills to destroy enemy unit base. Plant the bomb and move from Shadow to Shadow to strike enemy unit with deadly force tomb. Be Army commando and complete the stealth and rescue missions as army Lara hero.
Let the excitement of spy games, army secret agent, stealth action game, commando games Croft 3d and retaliate by destroying the enemy base and shadow raider survival rescue missions.

Game Features :
- Amazing game play for who loves to play secret agent 3D mission games
- Be the best army Lara Secret Agent
- Free style fighting shooting game
- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics show the real life of secret agent commando games
- Slow motion fighting
- Army secret agent croft action game
- Reliable control
- 15 different mission based raider levels
- Sneak your way through the levels, in different stealth game missions
- Be a Swat Spy with a task to destroy all the targets
- Modern battle field environment in this army fighting game

If you are a fan of survival game with the third person action adventure this game will knock off your senses.
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