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Every year millions of people leave their homes and choose to travel locally by bus or internationally by planes in the extended free time that they manage to get. Buses are used for several purposes in the city as normal passenger bus, prison bus, wedding bus, rental bus and most importantly tourist bus. Sometimes tourists do it alone, with friends or their families or sometimes both. The point is, people are always on the move whether on a bus or a plane for something new, something different something adventurous or for relaxing. Very rarely do people stay at one place for the entirety of their lives; this is especially true for the ones who have the resources to do. When a person enters someplace new, they have planned to go around that place and visit the special attractions that it holds. More often than not, people do not possess the right form of transport to go everywhere that they want to in a comfortable and timely manner when touring someplace. This is where the public and private transport services of that area are needed and without them it would be impossible for tourists to get around their new environments. Some people like to drive buses because in their nature they like adventure and love to drive big vehicles like bus.
Now with so many people on the move there needs to be an organized way of combating this issue. Nucleus3D turns this issue into a fun new game Tourist Bus Driver: City Drive 3D. If you think you would enjoy and successfully take on this challenge then this might be the game for you. If you have always wanted to drive people around but never got the chance then here is the next best thing in the form of a fun and realistic simulator for absolutely no charge at all! This game has been designed to give player an accurate experience of what it’s like as a tour bus driver as there is a ton of responsibility on their shoulders to make sure that the tourists’ trip goes as smoothly as possible. Your gameplay will show you different sceneries varying from big cities with sky scrapers and extreme big roads with beautiful infrastructure. Realistic bus controls and physics and detailed city environment will keep you into as a bus duty driver in the tourist bus. Tight time lines for drop off and pick up through different terrains will keep the challenge level high. This bus driver game definitely qualifies as best bus driving games with extreme patience which will test your parking skills. Some of the routes are difficult which are also fun for tourists as they have paid the ticket entertainment is must and adventure is too much. A unique combination of coach bus is different from other tourist bus games which you will love to play specially it is free.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get playing and sharing! Get your friends involved too if they hold the same interests as you!
Tourist Bus Driver: City Drive 3D Game Features:
-Interior and exterior view realistic physics different control options.
-3D environment with 3D graphics and cool bus.
-Touch buttons to gas or one camera view.
-Realistic control check you’re parking skills.
- Totally free.
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    17. 12. 2017 2017-12-17

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