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 Track'em 1.4

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-Find all your associates and loved ones.
-Track multiple friends with their location on map in real time.
-Get directions to their changing location dynamically.
-Get their located area details.
-Choose to go online or offline for others to track or not.
-Allows user to see last known location if friend went offline.
-Coming soon....Distress Signal feature(to send panic call and location to loved ones in emergency).

Track'em is a daily use application for tracking your friends, associates and family all on one device. It can track all android devices with this application installed in them. It allows real time tracking of users and helps in routing to the selected markers(friends). Users can add multiple friends in their application to track.

Users can choose whether to show themselves at a place by being online or choose to go offline by doing so in profile screen. Other users can see their friend as offline with marker with red in between on the last known location.

Some of its use cases....can help parents track their kids online whenever they are far away from home, Transportation businessman can view their personals location status, friends on trip can track others wherever their buds are chilling, and no one has to rely on directions over phone.

Go ahead do some tracking!!
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