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TrackWizard Application

TrackWizard is a Mobile App developed to monitor Field Salespeople and staff that automates sales Visit reporting activities in real-time.

Working Procedure:
Sales / Service Visit tracking
Sales Team tracking has been a critical requirement of organizations across the globe. Efficient tracking of sales Team and service personnel is the need of the day.
Such tracking solution not only avoids vehicle misuse but helps to keep a check on lazy employees which results in sales increase and productivity.
TrackWizard Application installed on smartphone (Android / iPhone) can be used for tracking Sales/Service personnel.
Benefits of using such simple applications are:
• Know whether the sales / service person made an actual visit to the client location or not.
• Know the time spent at each location.
• Know the number of visits made by your staff for each customer in a month / quarter.
• Ensure over-smart employees do not fiddle with the application.
• Does not require any specialized hardware and a simple smartphone is sufficient.
• As advanced tracking solutions this also tracks the movement of the employees on the road. These types of solutions are typically useful when employees use company-owned vehicles or are compensated for the KMs travelled.

Key Features:

• Secured User Login - User can use this mobile application by registering the users with login credentials, without compromising with device security.

• Real Time Journey Tracking –
User can easily share his location and route with his Team after every client Visit. Application provides two methods to track the user location. In one method application can be set to track the user for set duration (Secs, Mins, Hrs). In the second method the application can be set to track the user location for scheduled duration only.

• Where Are You – Application provides a feature to the admin to trace the User at any desired Time. Using this feature Admin can access the employee's location and can immediately schedule a client visit to the User.

• Captures Images during client visit –

• Share your progress live with your team manager (Distribution List) –
This feature allows the User to share the information on corporate Mail Id and Contact Details. The visit information can be shared simultaneously on multiple mail Id’s and on multiple contact numbers.

• Record path, speed, distance –
As a safety measure application provides a feature where in the vehicle speed can be preset. Application records the user path, speed limit and the distance during his visit journey. If the set values are violated then application generates a notification in the form of SMS & Emails.

• Activity log of history Details:
Application Records all the outdoor activities of the User. User can immediately share the information to his team, or can save the information to upload later or he can even delete the details if he is permitted to do so. Once the information is received by the Team in the form of an Email, then he will be able to view the History of Visit details of each employee. Employee can view his own visit History at any desired time.

• Accurate Location Detection –

• Data recorded –

 This feature is well supported for limited devices.

• Manage Your Data –
Application provides a feature to the User to either save or delete the visit information as per his requirement. If the User deletes visit details then all the visit information which has been sent to the Team and all the visit information which is still in the pending list get deleted. If the User deletes tracking Data then all the Journey details gets deleted.

• Cloud Compatible – Application can be made compatible on Cloud.

• Journey Report –

• Visit Reports –

• Location Alert –
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