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Manage the expenses of your trip or travel! How much money do you have in your wallet? How much can you still spend in your days during your trip? WallTrip gives the answer! WallTrip is a travel money manager. You can inform your expenses and manage how much money you are spending in the trip as well as control how much money you still have in the wallet without the need to count your money.

You can easily manage your travel budget. The basic idea is that you inform your travel budget that you can spend in your travel (as an initial income), and then register the expenses, day by day, item by item. We made this function as easier as possible in order to allow you to inform your expenses in just 3 touches, so that you can register your expenses in the moment that you have them and do not need to wait until you arrive to the hotel or even take notes in paper or whatever.

Moreover, you can create as many trip wallets as necessary (even for the same travel). Use it as a way to also manage different currencies. For example, if you travel to Russia, Ukraine, and Italy, you can create a trip wallet for each of these countries and each one is related to a different currency.

WallTrip provides categories in order to allow you to track the money usage according to each category. You can create your own categories if you desire, and WallTrip already provides you some categories. WallTrip also allows you to define default categories for expenses and incomes, so that you can register your movements even more quickly.

One plus of WallTrip is the possibility to create goals and save money for them. How does it work? The idea is simple: you can basically create a goal (e.g., "dinner in a fancy restaurant") and inform how much money you want to save for that goal (e.g., 100 U$). The app will block this value from your available money and, as soon as you reach your goal, you need to edit your goal and mark it as achieved, which will make those 100U$ available again. After that, remember to create the real expense related to your goal (e.g., "94 U$, Dinner at restaurant XYZ") as soon as you actually have the dinner, so these 94 U$ will be debited from the available money definitely.

Supported languages
Portuguese (Português)
Russian (Русский)

- Easily manage your travel budget;
- Register your expenses and incomes not far than 3 touches;
- Low storage, memory, and CPU consumption;
- Can work totally offline;
- Comprehensive and simple views;
- Easily track how you spend your money;
- Show how you spend your money by category;
- Customize your categories to better reflect your needs;
- Estimate how many days you can continue in your trip considering the mean daily's expense and the remaining money;
- Create as many trip wallets as necessary to better reflect your needs;
- Create goals to save money for them, so that the app will block that value from the available money;
- Set the default category for incomes and the default category to expenses;
- Unlimited number of movements;
- See statistics of your expenses with charts and tables;
- Touch the chart to see more details.
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