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 Trusted Location Aid Version 1.95

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All-In-One App
Family Tool Replacing: Family Locator, Find my Friend, Motion Detection, SOS Panic, Live Traffic & routeing, secure group movements, Lost Phone, and much more +++

Find people instantly. Family tracker. Receive GPS satellite tracks every 60 seconds from other peoples phones (works if their phones asleep). Automatic alerts when people go IN/OUT of a place (home, school, shops, town)

Phone Switched-on
The app tells you if other peoples phones are switched on. The app detects if peoples phones have a problem: broken, no power, bad signal connection… A person becomes more vulnerable if their phone stops working – this app lets you know

Phone motion sensor
The app lets you know when other phones are physically moved. Helps give you some peace of mind that a person has their phone with them and hasn’t forgotten it. If a phone is put-down on a table, the app tells you how long the phone has been there (motionless)

SOS – Panic – Distress
Click a SOS button and the app sends an alert to ALL people in your private group. To quickly go and help – click the person on your map to get driving directions (you don’t need an address)

Battery sensor
Tells you the battery % of phones + when they are being charged. Lets you see if a person forgets to charge their battery

Network connection
Lets you see other phone’s connections (Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G…) + network Wi-Fi name

Children family tracker
Moms and dads can see children are safe on the school-run. Children can see who is meeting them and where they are (valuable if you are late). Parent/carers receive an alert if their son or daughter unexpectedly leaves a safe play area/building

Emotional wellbeing + bullying
Encourages children to express their feelings safely. Choose and click a face emotion icon (emoji). Lets parents know if children are unhappy or bullied

Assisted technology for vulnerable people
For children with disabilities and learning difficulties the app helps promote safety and independence. It helps a group of people to share responsibility for caring about a person. The app aims to increase a person’s confidence by keeping them connected - you know if their phone stops. Go to them – click the map for instant directions (you don’t need an address)

Worried about an ageing loved on
If you worry about an elderly relative, but can’t always be there. A motion sensor lets you know if anything unusual happens: if they get out of bed at night, or they don’t get up in the morning at their regular time

Personal safety
If you or someone you know is cautious or worried about going to a location, such as a house visit or appointment, start the app and share your location. Other people can see: if you don’t arrive, if you stay too long at a location, if your phone suddenly stops. Motion sensor + SOS alert

Great for organizations
Create and share ‘places’. Users click a place to get fast travel directions. Understand the time people are in a place. People can click an activity icon to show other people what you are doing: in a meeting, at lunch,… (quick, no typing). Helps to keep people safe and organized

Go to a person
Click a person on your map to get fastest travel directions (uses live traffic congestion updates). You don’t need an address

Find a lost or stolen phone
Location + time phone picked-up/put-down + time phone stopped/disconnected + every 60 seconds

Vehicle security tracker
Put a phone in a car or van and remotely monitor. Receive live alerts if it goes IN/OUT a place location. Motion sensor maybe used to detect if a vehicles door is opened

The app DOESN’T access:
- phone (call log, calls…)
- contacts
- SMS messages
- emails
- calendar
- web browser (history, searches…)
- files, pictures, videos
- camera, microphone
- and NO ads (no adverts)

You are in control
- you decide who is the your group
- easy to switch tracking on/off

Fastest multi-sensor family safety, security and wellbeing app available
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