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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


Download Tumorman and…

Crush evil tumor cells.
Play to raise money for charity.
Enhance your knowledge about cancer care.


Tumorman is a superhero born to fight against cancer! Tumorman has Zepto power that gives him the ability to enter into a person’s body affected by cancer. Once Zepto power is active, Tumorman can fight cancer cells within a body organ. While fighting cancer, Tumorman faces many hurdles like complex structures within the human body, cancer cells with dangerous powers, tumor walls, oh and not to forget there are vicious and lethal cancer bosses which need to be defeated!


In this Adventure Platformer game you will have to fight your way through various challenges, unlocking different armors, weapons, and power-ups along the way! This game also allows you to raise money while playing for charity organizations. These organizations are picked on the basis of their area of focus. Lastly, this game also educates users about cancer care.

Download Tumorman and play for purpose!
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