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 Tune Announcer

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Speaks the Songs and Toasts the Tracks.


Tune Announcer speaks the track name and artist when playing music using the built in media players, or others that support scrobbling.

It's useful if you have a large music collection and cannot see the screen to check the names, e.g whilst exercising.

It uses the native Text-to-Speech capabilities of the device to speak. If you don't like the way it speaks, or pronounces words, then download an alternative TTS provider for your device. Try the SVOX ones, they may be better!


Tune Announcer also toasts the song details whilst speaking. Shows the album cover, track name, artist and album name. The free version only lightly toasts, about 1/3 of the time. For well done toasts, go Pro.

The details of the tune pop up are large enough to be read comfortably and safely whilst driving.

Toasts can be enabled and disabled independently of the Announcements.

Pro version is available with additional functionality:

- no adverts
- toggle widget for speech
- notification 'peek' option rather than toast
- configure the application to ignore certain characters and symbols when speaking.
- well done toast
- speak album name
- free format speech mode allows you to choose what parts to say and where to place them.
- option to ignore all text in brackets when speaking.
- tasker support to enable or disable toasting and announcements
- force all speech to be in English (British)
- speak at the end of the track, rather than the beginning
- network based speech synthesis for a more natural speech sound

See the website for more details.

Text To Speech

Your device MUST support Text to Speech and be configured to use it. Tune Announcer won't work if you haven't configured Text to Speech. Check your Settings under Language and ensure that Text to Speech works.


For Tune Announcer to work, your music player MUST support SCROBBLING. Tune Announcer supports a variety of common scrobble formats and will work with most players that implement scrobbling. Some players require that you enable scrobbling in their settings. Furthermore, some players won't scrobble unless you install the LastFM scrobble client. Usually, it is enough just to install it, you don't always need to register with LastFM to scrobble.

Turn on Tune Announcer's debug mode and play music. If you don't get any 'toast' messages with debug scrobble information, then your music player is not scrobbling. Either change your music player's settings, or change your music player. Tune Announcer is NOT psychic, it requires the player to scrobble.

To speak, your device must have an Text-to-Speech service built in. All modern Android OS's will have this, though you may need to enable or download the speech libraries. Check your Android OS Settings under Language and Input.

NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS, CONTACT THE DEVELOPERS. IT CAN'T BE FIXED IF YOU DON'T REPORT THE PROBLEM. Leaving a comment below saying it 'doesn't work' is useless and helps no-one -> we're looking at you Xperia folks in particular. If you've got time to leave a negative comment, then you've got time to email.
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