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 Turtles sound to birds. 4.0

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Turmeric sounds to birds who like birds. This app can be used to make a joke, but yourself and others as you like. This app makes it easy to connect with this app. Not disappointed

Oriole (Old world oriole) is a family of birds with an evolutionary line between the Dicruridae and the Corvidae. The Oriolidae are named after the family Oriolidae. Unlike the two birds, this family is very crows and birds are often long, slender, long tail or rather long. The habit is quite aggressive, not afraid of people. But turmeric, which is a bird with medium to small body. The length is about 20-27 centimeters, the size of the bird is short, the color is mostly yellow. There are some other colors. The beak is strong and the worm's wings are long and pointed. The male has a brighter color than the female bird. Birds with black stripes scattered around the belly.

Turmeric is a bird that likes to live in trees in the forest, mangrove and orchard. Most feed on the canopy or shrubs of the trees, including other birds such as birds, barbarians, hawks and hippopotamus, are found feeding alone or in pairs. Very rarely found fallen on the ground, eat fruit, insects and nectar. Flowers are food. Fly faster and last longer. Like nesting Pruned tree The nest is about 4 to 10 meters tall, forming a nest deep in the cup made of grass or fiber. Spawn two to four eggs at a time. Both parents will help to lay eggs and raise the baby. Turmeric likes to build a nest near the bird's nest, so that birds can help protect the eggs and birds from the enemy. Due to the persistent bird, the eggs and their own birds are protected from the enemy. So it protects the egg. And turmeric baby.
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