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 Two Three Five of 3 2 5 ( 2-3-5 ) Trump Card Game 1.0

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2 3 5 is an Indian card game commonly known as "do teen paanch" it's also called " teen do paanch"
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2 3 5 or 3 2 5 or 5 3 2 card game is the three player card game

it's also called "Do Teen Paanch" as indian version

How the play 2-3-5? it's most easy to play

1) Each player becomes the dealer one by one.

2) The dealer has to make 2 tricks, the next person (who chooses the trump) 5, and the third 3.

3) Dealing the Cards - first distribute a set of 5 cards to each, as a single block of 5. The first person dealt to chooses the trump suit. Then the cards are dealt either as another block of 5 to each player, or in a variant, in sets of 3 and two. If the player choosing the trump does not like her first 5 cards, she may decide to ask the next set of 2 cards to be shown to all and the suit with the highest card in those 3 becomes the trump.

4) First lead is by the player setting the trump, subsequent ones are by the one who wins the trick

5) The 7 of spades and 7 of hearts are the highest trumps

6) In the end if someone makes more than what is required of him (like the dealer makes 4 instead of 2), then he is either "owed" tricks in the next round by those that made fewer than they were required to, or instead can 'pick' a card each for the extra tricks in the next round (the choice is on the part of the person who "owes" the tricks) i.e. if player 1 (the dealer) makes 4 and player 2 makes 2 (instead of 3) and player 3 makes 4 (instead of 5), then player 1 has the option of pulling one card each from the cards of player 2 and player 3 in the next round. In return, he can give back any of his unwanted (usually small) cards as long as he can show 2 cards of the same suit (in some regions, instead of 2, only 1 card of the same suit is necessary).

The player who has to make 5 tricks starts the game. The aim is to make more and more hands.
At the end of the game, if a player has made more hands than user wins the round
Have Fun to play 235!! Enjoy 2.3.5

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