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TypeTail is an app where you and your friends can knock yourselves out at creating, spinning, and weaving tales together.
It is the new age platform for story-writing. Structured in a contemporary style, TypeTail brings fiction to your phone in a chat messenger type of narrative loaded with fun elements. You can redefine plot lines and create tales on the go, in a format that you use everyday and are most comfortable with. No more boring white papers and never experience a writer’s block again.
It’s the perfect way to collaborate with your friends and create stories. Get as creative as you can. Who knows, your friend may just introduce aliens or Mojo Jojo into a historic war story.
TypeTail is a must-have app for those of you who enjoy writing, and also those of you that are a part of any fandoms. Showcase your writing skills to the world by creating captivating stories. This is the perfect place to create fan-fiction. What if you were given the power to re-define plot lines or create future plots of your favourite books, movies or TV series? You can now do that with your fellow fan-fiction buddies.
Go solo!!! You can now create tails and stories on your own and share your creativity with the world. Share your tail with our community seeking exciting bite sized stories to read. You can be their favourite author.
You now have the power to create! You may end up creating the next 'Harry Potter' or even keep the Starks alive this time.
Creating stories is as simple as sending out a text message. The adrenaline rush from the 90 seconds timer and 250 characters limit still exists.
Are you waiting in queue for a coffee? Are you commuting? Time for you to create a super awesome tail. You might as well write down your own day to day stories like a journal. Keep it private if its too personal :wink:

This app is perfect for people who are avid readers. Discover tales of your interest, immerse yourself in gripping and creative fiction as you tail the characters of the plot. Admire, rate and share your friends’ work to the world. It’s all the more interesting, now that it’s like peeking into your friends’ group chat conversations. Take a break from the present moment and go through all the different emotions that you experience while reading a great novel.
The app has three modes, the Play mode being the one in which each player would add on to the developing storyline in a group with a time constraint of 90 seconds; in the discussion or Fart mode, players are free to discuss anything from the tale, to what their dinner plans are. And, in the View mode, players view their masterpiece, which is the entire story the group has developed. Players can go back and make additions to their tale at any time, as all good tales must go on. These finished tales can be shared on few major social media platforms as well.
So wear your storyteller hat and engage in an exciting, creative and super fun game of storytelling.
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