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UAround messenger - a modern, powerful, convenient and easy product for people who are always in touch.

UAround messenger - the world's first instant messenger that provides real protection for correspondence. In our messenger you can encrypt the forwarded and received your message using a 16400 bit key. Your message is encrypted on your phone and stands only on the recipient's phone when this phone has a password for decryption. All the way to the recipient message is held in an encrypted form. If your message is intercepted, it will be useless.

We have gathered all the necessary functionality of the popular instant messengers, such as:
- Voice call function
- Video call feature
- Send Short Message
- Share photos
- Sending a Document
- Send your location in terms
- Sending a contact from your address book
- Sending a gift (Emoji)
- All users of the application can be found in the phone book

There are pleasant settings interface, such as:
- Create and edit your profile
- On off. function "View"
- Ability to add any user in the "black list"
- Automatically save photos to your gallery
- Installation of different backgrounds for your chats
- Management of the notification options
- Ability to select the sound of an incoming message
- Alert you of new user applications
- Help 24 hours
- Ability to write to us with your suggestions and comments

We do not promise you to encrypt, unlike other popular applications, we give you the encryption.
You can independently verify the encryption. Encrypt a message on your phone and send it to the recipient device. If the recipient does not enter on your phone decryption key, he will not be able to read your message.

How it works.
1. You need to select the user with whom you want to communicate.
2. In the text field, in the right corner there is an icon "lock", click on it.
3. In the new window, enter and confirm your key consisting of at least 8 characters. The app will put your key into a 16400 bit key. If the operation is successful, you'll be back on the chat screen.
4. Now write and send your messages. All posts in the chat will be encrypted.
5. The recipient will get your messages in an encrypted form. In order that the recipient was able to decrypt incoming messages, he should enter the key as the sender's phone.
ATTENTION! The encryption key is not sent over the network to the recipient. How to pass the key to decrypt your task recipient.
6. After entering the key in the phone message recipient, he will be able to read and send encrypted messages to you.

We care about your security in the network and provide you with our app for free. Thank you for choosing us !!
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