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Underwater game Under Narcosis is a history of survival in the hopeless depths of the Pacific Ocean from nahih developers. The creation of this horror game began as a large-scale project, in which many developers took part.
I will say right away that Under Narcosis is a three-dimensional horror from the first person, whose actions unfold in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. At a cursory examination of the underwater game, it seems that this is a painfully familiar horror, trailers beckon with insanity of underwater silence, simplicity of actions. The developers promise that in the underwater game Narcosis the main enemies will be "only primitive fears and limits of human capabilities." Is it so?
According to the plot of Narcosis horror under water games, it is necessary to play for one of the employees of the company Oceania, the company is engaged in mining operations at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. After the usual working day, you return to the base with your partner. Suddenly, he starts to fly at you, the underwater bridge flies on you and all of you are heading straight for the depths of the waters.
As for the management of this under water games, we have the oxygen that is running out, and if we are worried, then it disappears at the speed of light. The main character worries for any reason, however as it is peculiar to a person: at the sight of a comrade's corpse, at the sight of underwater creatures, and when attacking, the excitement reaches critical values.
We also have a knife and signal rockets in the process of underwater horror of the Narcosis game, so they could spoil one of the primitive fears. The alarm is full, they can illuminate all the dark alleys. There are only three active monsters: a large squid, a black angler and a giant spider crab. The first two we calmly stabbed with a knife, the third one bypasses. Is oxygen left?
The engine of this horror games under water perfectly copes with the optimization, for the whole game your phone will work without zombies, and the graphics itself is pleasing to the eye. In the reviews, you can see that players complain about a too dark environment, I have one question for them: have you been at a depth of 3000 meters for a long time?
Underwater horror game Narcosis about loneliness and experiences, about morality and despair. The silence of the submarine thickness and only the sounds of your breathing, your steps and the rare movements of underwater creatures.
It can be seen that the developers really tried to thicken the colors. Underwater game keeps constantly in fear and makes you constantly feel pain from moral pressure. We will recommend this game to both beginners and experienced in the horror genre. Also those who are very bored by the underwater simulators for survival. The game Under Narcosis is a worthy and unexpected ending, which will please fans of non-trivial interchanges.
Download Underwater horror game Under Narcosis on android.
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