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 Underground Ghost Box 2.0.22

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This Ghost Box uses only Spanish reversed audio set of banks in main function mode, and scan rate is set by the sensors readings of your phone (magnetic compass, pitch and roll) or in manual mode with plus and minus buttons if device dont have magnetic compass.
You can press static button to activate secondary set of spanish reversed radio snippets, that works at the same time complementing main function.
The engine was completly redesigned to make a bed of random noise to allow spirits manipulate the sounds and speak thru this ghost box.
What you will hear when you press on? Only gibberish based on backwards spanish speech. If you hear any single word or sentences in english we assure you that is not from the audio banks.
The Rec button starts your device camera to record video and audio of your session, for review possible evidences of intelligent communication (You can light the Torch if your device have flash built in, activate it just after pushing Rec in the app and before start recording video in camera menu, touch the flash symbol, very useful in dark places).

Disclaimer: Nobody can to guarantee spirit communication with any ITC tool. This app is based in our own theories and research of the paranormal field.
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