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The use of technology and targeted automation improves business processes and efficiency. By using the Unified Factory capabilities, you can simplify and improve customer service whether you are an ecommerce store, startup, or other business through Customer Service Automation (CSA). CSA originated in response to a constant demand to increase sales, handle more customers, and be able to serve them more efficiently. Regardless of whether you manage a small or large business, implementing best practices for high quality customer service is an important opportunity to differentiate yourself. Use Unified Factory to achieve the following advantages:

4-in-One System

Voice calls (incoming and outgoing), email communications, online chat and Facebook Messenger, all in one place. No more separate phone systems, multiple tools for chat, logging in and out of different mailboxes. Keep it Simple!

Information Pools

An integrated way to serve voice calls, emails, chat, and messenger which puts you in full control of your communication with the client, and access to their profile and the history of previous conversations with your agents. Instead of multiple tools and difficult data integration – you get a single system, with an easy to use interface.

Ease Of Access

The UF Platform can be accessed from anywhere you have network service, and it requires minimal configuration and installation by you. You can improve the quality of customer service from any location in the world, right after you sign up.

Best Practices

Unified Factory is a company which draws from over a decade of experience of building and operating call centers and customer service centers. The market has evolved, new channels of communication have emerged, but you can rely upon proven processes to ensure that your maintain high quality of client service. Those processes are integral to the Unified Factory system.

Performance Reports

Having multiple channels of communication available in a single system allows you to analyze agent performance across the combined channels. The use of real-time and historic data allows you to better anticipate when customer facing agents need to be available and gives you the option to assess overall Quality.

Shared Knowledge

Customer records are often complicated and potentially disorganized. The complexity is because the information has been gathered by different departments. The Unified Factory repository allows information to be easily stored and shared in a clear and legible way.

Scheduled Tasks

No need to use a separate system to manage your tasks. Unified Factory allows for simple conversion of messages, connections or e-mails into tasks.

Quick Response

The platform allows agents to respond to client requests, but also to initiate conversations with clients. The connecton with the task management system makes it easy to identify the right number or launch email software, in order to provide the client with a quick resolution to their problem.

Simple Training

No need to train staff to use CRM, chat or email clients separately. With Unified Factory you train your people to use a single unified tool whether they have dedicated roles or share common responsibilities.

Message Templates

Speed up your customer response time by using standard message templates. For greater effectiveness and efficiency we offer associative memory to generate ready-made messages based on analysis of previous customer history.
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