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UnitsAwayLite provides basic conversion calculation for the more common units of measure.

Features include:

Completely standalone: No Internet or phone connection required once installed.

Large, easy-to-read text, "Holo Dark" screen theme.

Both textual and animated help available for each feature.

Customizable: control date format, precision, and which units of measure are displayed in the

No ads or in-app sales.

Units of measure supported:

Angles: Degrees, minutes, seconds, radians, gradians, and revolutions.

Area: Acres (US & int'l), are, circular mils, and hectares. Square centimeters, feet, inches,
kilometers, meters, mils, miles, millimeters, and yards.

Calendraic: Gregorian/Julian dates, Julian Day Number (JDN)

Celestial Coordinates: Right Ascension, Declination, Altitude, Azimuth, Angular Separation, and Position Angle.

Digital Data Units: Bits, Bytes, Nybbles, 16-, 32-, 64-, and 128-bit words.

Distance: Angstroms, centimeters, chains, fathoms, feet, furlongs, hands, inches, kilometers,
links, meters, microns, mils (milli-inch & Swedish), miles (nautical & statute),
millimeters, nanometers, rods, and yards.

Electricity: abampere, abcoulomb, abfarad, abhenry, abmho, abohm, abvolt, ampere, ampere hour, biot,
coulomb, farad, faraday, franklin, gilbert, henry, kilo-ohm, kilovolt, mega-ohm, megavolt, mho,
microfarad, microhenry, millifarad, millihenry, milli-ohm, ohm, picofarad, picohenry, siemens,
statampere, statcoulomb, statfarad, stathenry, statmho, statohm, statvolt, and volt.

Energy: BTUs (int'l, thermochemical, and US), calories (food, int'l, mean, and thermochemical),
electronvolts, ergs, joules, kiloelectronvolts, kilojoules, kilowatt hours, megaelectronvolts,
megajoules, quad, therms (EC & US natural gas), equivalent tons of TNT, watt-hours,
and watt-seconds.

Force: dynes, kilogram force, kilonewtons, kilopond, kip, newtons, poundal, pound-force, and

Geographic Coordinates: Latitude, Longitude, Distance, and Bearing.

Geometric Coordinates: Rectangular and Polar.

Magnetism: gamma, gauss, maxwell, microtesla, millitesla, nanotesla, tesla, unit pole, and weber.

Mass: drams, grains, grams, kilograms, milligrams, ounces, pounds, stones, and tons (long,
metric, & US).

Numeric Conversion: Decimal (signed and unsigned), Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, and ASCII.

Power: BTU-hours, horsepower (boiler, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and metric), kilowatts,
megawatts, tons of refrigeration, and watts.

Pressure: atmospheres (standard and technical), bar, centimeters of Hg and water,
dynes per square centimeter, feet of Hg and water, grams per square centimeter,
inches of Hg and water, kilograms per square centimeter, meter and millimeter,
kilopascals, kip per square inch, millibars, millimeters of Hg and water, pascals,
poundals per square foot, pounds per square foot and inch, and torr.

Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Rankine.

Time: Days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Velocity: (Any combination of the Distance and Time units listed above plus fortnights, milliseconds,
microseconds, nanoseconds, and picoseconds.)

Volume: Acre feet, barrels (oil), bushels, cords, cu. inches, cu. feet, cu. meters, cu. yards,
cups (Canadian, metric, & US), gallons (Imperial & US fluid, and US dry), gill
(Imperial & US), liters, milliliters, ounces (UK & US), peck (UK & US), pints (UK,
US fluid & dry), quarts (US fluid & dry), stere, tablespoons (metric & US), and teaspoons
(metric & US).
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