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Universale is the smartest existing contact book. An app that allows you to search and exchange contact information with anyone at any time while keeping your privacy.
Universale maintains and updates your native contact book, no need to sync, no need to have back-ups, always on track!

·Set up your privacy level and only share the information with the people you chose.
·Search people or companies and ask directly for personal or professional contact information: phone, email address, links to social networks, links to bookings, …
·Send your contact petition and wait for the requested contact to accept your petition.
·Receive petitions and manage your contact information sharing.
·Once accepted, voila! Universale as well as your native contact book updated with the contact information available.
·Check received request; accept, ignore or cancel. Check out if your profile has been visited and how many contact are awaiting for you.
·Universale Tab will show you people or companies you might want to ask for data, friends of friends, interesting suggestions …
·Enjoy having an Universe of contacts at hand.
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