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Our beauty tips app contains Homemade Beauty Tips and Natural beauty tips which can be easily prepared at home and applied on body very easily. This app includes methods of Natural remedies for Beauty, related to face problems, Hands, Fingers, Lips, Hair, Eyes, Skin, Arms, Feet and even whole body. It is categorized in beauty tips:
* Face
* Hair
* Eyes
* Skin
* Arms
* Feet
* Hands
* Lips
* Fingers
* Nose
* Pimples
* Black heads
* Oily Skin
* Dry Skin

For easy reading and understanding each category has various subheadings such as Natural homemade tips for Fair and white Skin, Blemishes of face, Face Cleanser, Head lice, Dandruff, Loss and falling of hair, Prickly heat, Dark inner thighs and underarms etc. Beauty Tips in Urdu is a latest Urdu Totkay application for men and women having features of hair and skin care, face care, make up styles. If you need best tips and totkay in urdu for yourself to look beautiful, then you can download this application aur in ko use kr kay kuch he dino men khoobsoorat ban jao.

In this application, you will find:
Weight Loss Tips: If you are worry about fat, there is a portion in this application healthy beauty tips which you can learn how to reduce your weight within short period.

Best Facial Beauty Tips: In this part, you will find how to do facial and skin care to look charming and handsome.
Skin Whitening Tips: (Rang Gora Karnay k Totkay) This section of application will give you beauty tips on skin whitening. Checkout natural skin whitening tips and totkay and learn how to turn a dull brown skin into white and charming.
Hair Care and Styling Tips: If you want a unique style of your hair you can study the hair tips portion of this application.
Make Up Tips: You must not go to parlor for makeover. Simply check this application and do as directed in videos to know how to get best makeup for wedding, parties or at home.

Our Beauty Tips in Urdu app brings you the best and most effective beauty tips in Urdu language. In this app you will read different beauty tips. These beauty tips will help you to make yourself more beautiful and smart. In the app you can find tips for fair skin or rang goora karna, hairstyle tips, makeup tips and all other urdu beauty tips. Download free app and enjoy the most beautiful and most effective beauty tips in easy urdu language.

Keep in mind that these Easy Beauty Tips in Urdu, you can download and share with friends for house hold beauty tips such as skin care, beauty tips for long hair, beauty tips for nail and makeup tips step by step.

In this book you will learn:
- How to protect your skin, face and other body parts
- How to get rid of Black circles under eyes
- How to prepare homemade remedies
- How to remove wrinkles from face

Pedicure/Manicure tips
These tips will help you to improve and maintain your health, beauty etc. These are home remedies and tips that I collected over various sources. You can find tips for your all body parts including face, hand, nails etc.

Beauty Tips in Urdu are Listed in This app are as follow
-Natural Beauty Tips
- Learn how to protect your skin, face and other body parts
- Home remedies for latest beauty tips Urdu
- Black circles under eyes
- Remove wrinkles from face
- Easy to follow Skin care tips
- Herbal Beauty Tips
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