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Urinary Tract Infection-Causes-Treatment-Exercises

Vaginitis, Urethritis, Prostatitis, Leukocytes In Urine, Uroculture, Cystitis

Urinary infection is the presence of germs and pathogenic infections in the urine from infection of the urethra, bladder, kidney or prostate. Urinary Tract Infection-Causes-Treatment-Exercise. Symptoms that accompany a urinary tract infection are those that make up the voiding syndrome, taking into account that urine infections can also be asymptomatic.

From the microbiological point of view, when a growth of 10,000 colony forming units per milliliter (cfu / ml) is detected in a well-collected urine sample, a urinary infection may exist. Urinary Tract Infection-Causes-Treatment-Exercise. When there are urinary symptoms or pyuria, it is considered UTIs with much lower values ​​(up to 100 cfu / ml).

When the colony count is above 10,000 cfu / ml and there are more than two species of germs indicates contamination of the sample. Urinary Tract Infection-Causes-Treatment-Exercise. Asymptomatic bacteriuria is considered when, in the absence of symptoms, there are more than 10,000 cfu / ml of a microorganism in pure culture in two different samples.

In the presence of a voiding syndrome in which other causes (vaginitis, urethritis, prostatitis) are excluded and the presence of leukocytes in the urine is confirmed, the diagnosis of urinary infection can be made without the need to perform a urine culture. Urinary Tract Infection-Causes-Treatment-Exercise. Urinary tract infections can be successfully treated with antibiotics. In uncomplicated cases, the disease often goes away without medication. Urinary Tract Infection-Causes-Treatment-Exercise. The disease is not contagious
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