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 UrLocFinder-Your Location Finder(EmergencyMessage) 1.23.11

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This application is a Thesis project for my Master Degrees, concentration of Mobile Systems at University of Nicosia in Cyprus and my Supervisor is Dr. Constandinos Mavromoustakis.

University's Web Site: www.unic.ac.cy,
Mobile Systems Lab's Web Site: www.mosys.unic.ac.cy

⚫ Basic Process - Idea

• This application finds the users' current location and send via mobile devices' basic processes as SMS, Email and Share a Post.
• This application developed to help/save people when they have a problem/are in dangerous situation and then they can send their locations data.

⚫ Basic Features

• Find Your Locations data using Network (GPS and WIFI/Mobile Data) or GPS (GPS only) methods:
• Send Your Locations data via:
> SMS.
> From Bottom Sheet send SMS, Clipboard &Share.
> Email.
> SMS uses accelerometer ("Move" the mobile device and send a SMS).
> SMS by the Widget (Find users' current locations data from the Widget and send them via SMS).
> SMS by the Speak (Using the "Speech to Text" process - Allow users to "speak" with device and then runs some processes).
> Share a Post to the Social Network.

• Call Emergency Phone:
> Call by the Application.
> Call by the Widget (set an emergency number from the application and make a call directly from Widget).
> Call by the Speak (Using the "Speech to Text" process - Allow users to "speak" with device and then runs some processes).

• Speak Process:
> Find Your Locations data using GPS or Network.
> Send Your Locations data via SMS.

⚫ Other Important Features

• Emergency Message Location
With this Feature/Process, the application allows users when travel or move around the world to send an automatically SMS to a Your relative/friend, who will be chosen from Contact List at Settings that You traveled or moved good. Also, You may choose from the Settings to be alert with Notification to remind you that must send a SMS to a Your relative/friend that You traveled or moved good.

• Look all Currents Location
Find Locations data when the application runs background to track all the location positions (find the current location every some minutes).

• Overnight Pharmacies (Only Support for the Cyprus)
Find the Overnight Pharmacies. You can make a call to pharmacies from the Bottom Sheet.

• Speak Mode
Allows users say something to mobile device and then the process runs. Used keywords, for example, “message” and then an emergency SMS message sent).

• Voice Help Message
Allows app to speak to the users to say what some processes do. This process helps the blind people for easier navigation through the application.

• Search View
The users can search whatever You want in the map. For example, streets, towns, countries and others in the map.

• (Beta) Direction Process
The users can find direction from their current location and search location and they can share it! Also, They can see the instructions about the direction.

⚫ Secondary Features
• Efficient Save and Load System to avoid keeps unnecessary data save on mobile device for this application.
• Security System for the Users’ Data when the users saved (Support only the data saved into the Mobile Files).
• Battery Controller.

⚫ What "UrLocFinder" means?

The app name are words abbreviation of "Ur" -> "Your", "Loc" -> "Location" and "Finder".

⚫ Please send Feedback when You find any bug(s) or tell me suggestion(s) to make better the app, I will appreciate it!
• Go to the Settings -> menu list "three dots in the right corner" -> Feedback
• You can send the "error" file (Optional) (Saved in the External Memory)
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