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 US Police Bike Chase Bitcoin Robber 1.0

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Welcome to the US Police transform which is on mission to catch bitcoin robber in extreme bike driving game. Stop the rivals of cops in this futuristic game of warriors. The New York City is invaded by cars and police bikes to chase the bitcoin robber who recently flee from the prison. The cops and robbers war has just begun in the New York City. Take the risk of banks survival by joining the rescue mission as a police officer to catch with thugs and robbers. Are you ready for the futuristic game of warriors?
First of all get training of fighting and arresting underworld criminals. US police war training school has the best courses for the policemen commando fighter. The amusement has a perfectly designed physical and mental training for beginning as well as advance level. To become a brave police officer you need to undergo all of the training courses like the army commando fighters does. Train to be a sharpshooter, city police sniper assassin and a bike traffic racer in this arena. Play each level to qualify as a trained US cop war soldier.
The threatening gangsters and robbers who were on mission to rob down the bitcoins from the World Bank have been escaped from the jail and are out in the city spreading chaos. As an efficient police bike officer of NYPD and LAPD you have been assigned to catch these secret agent downtown gangsters and escaped criminals of underworld mafia don and put them back behind the bars. As the bitcoin is getting popularity and its price going up these days, all the criminals who have committed offensive crimes are on mission to rob them and become richest person of the society. Take up the challenge as a motorbike criminal chase rider to catch all of them red handed and save the money of people.
This prison escape criminal chase is an ultimate action packed game where your duty is to chase, arrest, and shoot grand city criminals on your asphalt moto given by police department. Keep following the direction arrows and remember not to lose them from your sight. Do not let the city to turn into Vegas crime city. Arrest criminals and put them behind the bars and don’t let them flee away from jail again. Your duty is to control crime in the New York and Vegas city. Ride fast to chase the Alcatraz prisoners and also save yourself from their counter striking attacks.
So rev your engines, put the sirens on blast, put on your motorcycle helmet, and blaze through the streets as the newest police officer in the town in the all new and exciting motorbike game of 2018. Urban Euro City needs speed chase techy tech motorcycle. Police motorbike racer skills are also required as you have to tolerate super speed & flexibility of your ride. You are not only an ordinary police officer but also a black op who knows how to chase danger in mist spread by gangsters in your new power engine ride.
Do not wait!
Download it now for free and enjoy it in days and nights of holiday season.
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