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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

In our tradition, it is our custom to remember our Acharyas on their Avathara Thirunatchathiram and pay our respects to them by reciting Thaniyan and vAzhi thirunAmam.

Thaniyan is an invocatory verse of glorification to an Azhwar or AchArya which is usually composed/submitted by a sishya. Thaniyans appear before the beginning of a prabandham. They tell us about the author of the prabandham and about praying and prostrating at the author’s feet.

Similarly, vAzhi thirunAmam is a poem/verse in glorification of AchAryas. Usually it is focussed on the divine form and literary accomplishments of the particular personality who is glorified.

Athulya Vidhya is happy to take another small step in our long Kainkarya journey. We have attempted to capture the details of Avathara Thirunatchathirams, Thaniyans and vAzhi thirunAmam of all Acharyas from Vanamamalai Madam. We hope this would provide an easy access to information for us to recite Thaniyans and vAzhi thirunAmams. Please feel free to give your feedback and suggestions for improvement @

Sridhar & Veeraraghavan
Team Athulya Vidhya
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