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"Fast Maths" is a system of reasoning and mathematical working based on ancient Indian teachings called Veda. It is fast , efficient and easy to learn and use.

It is an ancient technique, which simplifies multiplication, divisibility, complex numbers,squaring, cubing, square and cube roots. Even recurring decimals and auxiliary fractions can be handled by Vedic mathematics.

How fast your can solve a problem is very important. There is a race against time in all the competitions. Only those people having fast calculation ability will be able to win the race. Time saved can be used to solve more problems or used for difficult problems.

To solve the aptitude questions faster and in under a minute, we must practice questions and must know all types of shortcuts which can help. Vedic Mathematics is very famous in as it provides a lot of shortcut formulas which can solve questions in less than a minute. If you know such tips and tricks then you will be able to attempt maximum questions in any exam. We bring you the Complete Vedic Maths app which you can download and start practicing from it.

All the chapters has been explained in easy language with example.

We have also provided practice test with answer, where you can check your knowledge.


+ Teaches you math tricks and techniques that will help you calculate at a pace much faster than conventional methods
+ Learn maths skills you can use at school, college, or at work, and save precious time
+ Engages you with an exciting, game-based interface
+ Especially useful for students going to appear for competitive exams, where speed is of utmost importance
+ Helps you memorize useful, must-do maths stuff such as multiplication tables, squares, cubes, square roots etc.
+ Vedic maths techniques and speed calculation tricks explained through embedded YouTube video tutorials
+ Analyse your performance through detailed report cards (having both absolute and relative performance parameters)
+ Learn at your own pace, compete against yourself, better your timings for each module
+ Check how you have fared through extremely detailed relative performance reports
+ Keep practising through virtually unlimited testing modules
+ Compete with your friends, set new records and flaunt your report card


The app is divided into two major sections:

1. Know by heart - To learn and practise basic multiplication tables, squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, indices, reciprocals, percentages etc. Memorizing these important values provides you with an edge and makes you super quick while calculating.

2. Calculate magically - To learn Vedic Maths tricks that enable you to calculate much faster, almost in a magical manner. Practise these speed calculation methods through the endless testing modules until you are absolutely comfortable with each one of them.


+ Multiplication
+ Percentages
+ Reciprocals
+ Squaring
+ Cubing
+ Square roots
+ Cube roots
+ Miscellaneous


Unlimited testing provided in the following four modes:

+ Gone in 60 seconds
For the sprinters - Try to attempt as many questions as you can; you have just one minute to prove yourself

+ Super 30
For the conventional test-takers - Relief for many; gives you a test of thirty questions, to be done in stipulated time, from the chosen module

+ Do it fast!
For the adventure loving - A test with time restriction for individual questions; you miss one, and your game is over

+ Go on and on...
For the marathon runners - Keep practising; you would get tired, the app would not

Download for Free & start Learning !!
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