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Have you ever wondered what happened on all those days you felt amazing? - have you ever thought 'if I could only remember what made me happy, productive or energetic in the past, I would do more of these things, or eat more of these foods?' Have you ever tried to optimize your exercise performance but had no data to look back at? Have you ever considered that so many things influence your sleep quality and wondered what these influencers might be?
Well, this is your moment!
We introduce Vilo, the very first 360 degree lifestyle tracker that applies the principle of cause and effect. It not only allows you to effectively track all major health and wellness influencing categories like food, drink, supplements and medication, sleep, exercise, life events including your sex life, digestion, body and mind sensations, and mood - it provides massive insight into your data history by connecting all variables and creating causality reports based on your point of interest.
Our approach is first in this app category, as we assume that everything we do or everything we fuel our bodies with is connected with each other, and that we should look at the whole context of related variables - like how do the foods or drinks we consume affect our mood, our exercise performance and our sleep, and how do our sleep quality and our dreams affect our behavior the next day. This replaces the conventional idea of just analyzing a singled out variable like calories or steps. It is the only way to really understand what influences our bodies and our minds.
Vilo is not just your new tracker, it's your tool for lifestyle optimization and self-improvement!
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