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ViMi drastically improves how we interact with people and content on our phones, using a revolutionary drag & drop interface.

ViMi enables you to drag & drop any content you want to share it with people, save it for yourself, or collaborate with your team. And you can do it all in one place, all on your phone.

ViMi's interface enables real content fluidity. All content speaks the same language. No more: "How do I share this now?". No more copying and pasting links on your phone. No more sending screenshots instead of the real thing. No more sending yourself emails...

With ViMi it's immediate, it's easy, and it's all in one place - on your phone.

A partial list of ViMi's features:

- Share: Drag & drop into your chats to immediately share: YouTube videos, Web articles and Websites, Facebook posts, Tweets, Google Drive and Dropbox files, contacts, locations, even entire ViMi Folders

- Save any of the above to your own folders in ViMi with a simple drag & drop. It's time to be able to save any content easily - not just files. On your phone. Any time, anywhere.

- Organize content with friends, groups, and colleagues in Shared Folders. Every chat conversation in ViMi has its own Shared Folder. So no one has to scroll up in the timeline searching for content. It's all just a few clicks away - waiting for everyone in your Shared Folder.

- ViMi's Tray will pop out on the left side of the screen every time you drag an item, so you can easily drop it there while you are collecting content from different sources. It's like a... well... a tray for any content. So convenient!

- ViMi's Rich Notes allow you to instantly create a note, give it a color, write what you want, and then drag and drop into that note any type of content. Later, you can simply share the note with friends, family, or co-workers, including all its attached contents -- with a simple drag and drop of course.

- Tabs Bar: Have all your favorite content sources and chats open in parallel on ViMi's tabs bar (bottom of the screen). So you can easily jump from one chat to another, from Note to Note, from Facebook to Twitter, and so on.

- Desktop: Keep frequently needed items on the Desktop. Or keep any item there as a reminder. The Desktop is always your left-most tab. And really useful!

★ ViMi's new way of interacting with people and content makes your phone more powerful than ever before ★

You have to try it to believe it.

⛯ We are excited to welcome you to the ViMi family! ⛯

☑ NEW: ViMi Web -- Your entire world of content and communication, on all your devices!

The ViMi Web app (*After you install ViMi on your phone*, access at:, synchronizes your ViMi world to your laptop. Pictures & videos, Links, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Tweets, Articles, Notes, and of course, all your folders. You can now save any content (not just files!) on your phone, and it will immediately be waiting for you on your laptop! There has never been an easier way to transfer *any* content between your devices. Just drag & drop your content to your ViMi folder on one device, and it will be waiting for you on the other. This is how ViMi removes today's content barriers between your devices.

Contact us at with questions, comments, requests, or suggestions - We really appreciate your involvement!
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