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Violin stringed musical instrument stringed high register. It has a folk origins, a modern look acquired in the XVI century became widespread in the XVII century. It has four strings tuned to the quints : g, d 1 , a 1 , e 2 Range from g to a 4 and higher. The timbre is thick in a low register soft in average and shining in the upper.

There are also five-stringed violins with the addition of a lower alto string c.

The forerunners of the violin were the Arab rebab the Kazakh kobyz the Spanish fidel the British krota the merging of which formed the viola. Hence the Italian name violin violino as well as the Slavic four-stringed instrument of the quintal gig.

Continuing for several centuries the struggle between aristocratic viola and folk violin ended in the victory of the latter. As a folk instrument the violin was especially widespread in Belarus Poland Ukraine Romania Istria and Dalmatia. Since the second half of the XIX century is spread among the Tatars. Since the XX century Bashkir has been encountered in musical life.

In the middle of the 16th century in the north of Italy a modern violin design developed. Gasparo da Salo from the city of Brescia and Andrea Amati the founder of the Cremona school is entitled to be considered the inventor of the aristocratic of the modern type. Cremona of Amati preserved from the XVII century are distinguished by a beautiful form and excellent material. Lombardy was famous for the production of violins and in the XVIII century The violins of the production of Stradivari and Guarneri are highly valued.

The violin is a solo instrument from the XVII century. The first works are: "Romanesca per violino solo e basso" by Biagio Marini (1620) and "Capriccio stravagante" by his contemporary Carlo Farina. The founder of the art game on the violin is Arkangelo Corelli Followed by Torelli and Tartini as well as Lokatelli his pupil Magdalena Laura Sirmen Nicola Matteys who created the school in Great Britain Giovanni Antonio Piani.
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