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 Virtual Santa Xmas Surf: Christmas & New Year Game 1.0.5

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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas high school boys and girls, Christmas has come with its super magic which brings us the joy and happiness of virtual family and love that we share together and to top it all off virtual Santa brings us the surprise presents and gifts from the glorious North Pole that make our day even more special hence creating an aura of enticement, fascination and love. Santa has some exciting surprises in store for you. His magical and ecstatic workshop is stuffed with gifts which the teeny tiny Elves have put day and night to make for you with their grandeur. The Elves are magical and mischievous creatures, who build the toys and gifts that virtual Santa delivers. They create all sorts of funny business in the toys workshop and with Santa’s magical powers they make the North Pole into a haven of bliss and joy. Our Santa’s mission is to deliver all the joy of the best Christmas in this surf game.

Virtual Santa is ready on his runner sledge, fed his reindeers Morty & Stash with enough food to last the whole winters. They together will travel all the eras in time in order to spread love of this magical Christmas by providing the Christmas gifts to the city people. Get ready for an intriguing and intuitive gameplay of this best winter game. This runner game will leave you addicted to your screens as you help virtual Santa Collect the magical coins that power his enchantment and hence provide you with all the Christmas gifts, all the while saving his miraculous runner sledge from crashing in the houses and aerial obstacles such as planes, dangerous dinosaurs and scary drones making it difficult for you to move advance further.

Help virtual Santa on his magical adventure to collect all the coins and with the help of those coins run the entire North Pole, which includes feeding Morty and Stash with the magical green coniferous leaves that give them the strength to travel through time and dimensions with ease and in a breeze in this best winter game. These reindeers are so powerful and so well disciplined that they control all the burden of the sledge and all of it’s the magical gifts. If those special coins are not collected then the entire unique energy source and its power might be lost and all the gifts which are made for the people of all the era might not been made, which Santa would not like it to vanquish all hopes of the people in this surf runner game.

Little Kids all around the eras send letter for the Christmas Santa to the North Pole to send their love and demand the special gifts they like the most, Santa love those letter which are being send by the all eras of the high school kids. The Elves collect those letter and send them to the Santa for the regarding the loves of the kids. Santa x-mas surf is all about the addictive charm Santa sets on us with his magical journey collecting coins stopping global warming and delivering gifts. This exciting adventure will make your New Year of 2018 a blissful event. Santa is come with his Christmas spirits and needs your help to achieve a Christmas miracle. The high school girls and boys are waiting for their toys and gifts must collects all the gifts.

Virtual Santa Xmas Surf: Christmas Adventure Game Features:
Multiple exciting missions in this surf game
Collect super coins to unlock more virtual levels
Realistic 2D graphics with Colorful gameplay
Amazing different Eras to enjoy.
Beautiful and interesting sounds and effects

Hurry Up! Download this best Christmas game to keep your little kids busy. Especially High school boys and girls will get addicted playing our Virtual Santa Xmas Surf: Christmas Adventure Game.
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