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Visualize every concept of Physics with powerful animations.

Master the theory with in-depth and crystal clear understanding.

Practice and Learn to Solve even the toughest questions on your own.

Score your best.

Visual Physics is an innovative tool to learn Physics, as you will find. It combines the best teaching methodology and learning techniques with world-class visualisation to make learning Physics easier, efficient and effective. You can learn basics as well as advanced level physics on your own, clear your classroom doubts from home and score the best in school & competitive exams.

It consists of 2200+ videos including 1500+ advanced solved problems, which are sufficient to get crystal-clear understanding of concepts as well as practice. Each chapter starts with very basic of concepts, which gradually increases to intermediate level and then advanced level. There is a separate sections of Solved Problems, which contains selected questions to try and solutions with visual techniques of solving problem.

Visualisation is an important aspect of learning Physics; those who can visualize better, learn better. However, not everybody finds it easy to visualize on their own. That’s why each and every theory and numerical video of Visual Physics is supported with world-class 2-D and 3-D animations, which will give you a 360 degree view of theory in hand. You will be able to learn better and faster.

You can use Visual Physics to prepare for various undergraduate competitive exams which test in-depth understanding of concepts and skill of problem solving like
JEE Main & Advanced (Formerly IIT JEE) - Learn JEE Advanced level physics

NEET / PMT - Pre-Medical Entrance exam Physics (UG) - Learn to solve faster

SAT (USA) - Prepare for SAT II Physics - Learn Applications

PAT (UK), GCE A-Level (Singapore, Sri Lanka), Vestibular (Brazil), STPM (Malaysia), SBMPTN (Indonesia) etc.

Jut like you cannot discover a great book by just reading its preface; similarly you won't be able to get the real benefits of Visual Physics by just watching few videos. Please choose your most difficult chapter and watch it completely. You will know the difference Visual Physics will make to your understanding.

Chapters Covered (No of videos):
• Motion in one dimension - v-t, x-v, x-a Graphs (71)
• Motion in two & three dimension - Inclined Projectiles (55)
• Newton's Laws of Motion - Equations, Pseudo Force (59)
• Friction - Static & Kinetic, Coefficient, Direction (38)
• Circular Motion - Centripetal & Centrifugal Forces, Bank Angle (46)
• Work, Power, Energy - Kinetic & Potential, Conservative Force (77)
• Centre of Mass, Momentum, Collisions - Conservation, Impulse (59)
• Rotational Mechanics - Torque, Angular Momentum (57)
• Rigid Body Dynamics - Rolling Motion on Incline (69)
• Elasticity - Hooke's Law, Young's Modulus(29)
• Gravitation - Escape Velocity, Kepler's Laws (42)
• Fluids - Bernoulli's Equation, Surface Tension Energy(62)
• Simple Harmonic Motion - Simple Pendulum (64)
• Mechanical Waves - Transverse & Standing Wave (63)
• Sound - Longitudinal Wave, Interference (80)
• Heat & Temperature - Zeroth Law, Thermal Expansion (54)
• Heat Transfer - Convection, Radiation (52)
• Kinetic Theory of Gases - Ideal Gas Law, Equations (56)
• Laws of Thermodynamics - Process & Work Done (58)
• Electric Forces & Fields - Charge, Electrostatic Force (64)
• Guass' Law - Electric Flux (52)
• Electric Potential - electrostatic potential energy (65)
• Conductors - Charge in Cavity (55)
• Capacitor & Dielectrics - Series & Parallel Combination (82)
• Electric Current - Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff’s Law (84)
• Electric Power - RC Circuit (82)
• Magnetic Force - Lorentz Force (87)
• Magnetic Field - Ampere’s Law (81)
• Electromagnetic Induction - Lenz’s law, Faraday’s Law (81)
• Inductance - Solenoid (57)
• Alternating Current - Transformer (83)
• Reflection - Laws, Mirror formula (94)

Happy Learning :)

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