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Visual Vocal harnesses the power of virtual reality to engage stakeholder teams in a collaborative design process that is immersive, shared, accessible, enjoyable, and efficient.

* Import rendered 3D panoramas or capture real-world imagery.
* Panoramic images are organized into cohesive design stories called V|Vs via our secure web portal.
* Participants and stakeholders are notified that new V|Vs are ready to experience.
* Jump in and navigate from scene to scene, inspecting various design alternatives, and leaving your voice+gaze feedback.
* Share an immersive design decision with distributed teams both asynchronously and in real-time with Syncronicity meetings.

Design professionals use the Visual Vocal app to present and solicit clear, unambiguous, and actionable feedback around important 3D design decisions. Decision makers use Visual Vocal to securely browse and annotate these interactive VR exchanges, known as V|Vs, through our straightforward yet powerful tools. Your phone coupled with a simple VR viewer brings you into the design, no matter your role.

If you are design professional, you can create and share interactive VR tours of your design projects by recording your voice and gaze. If you are a project stakeholder, you can use Visual Vocal to visit immersive project updates and submit quick feedback on key design decisions. V|Vs can be experienced individually at your own convenience or together in real-time virtual meetings using the new Syncronicity feature.

Visual Vocal’s elegant user interface and lightweight interactions let you and your collaborators focus on the content. Attend to important design features, spark critical thinking, check off concise decision points, and synthesize group feedback, all from your own phone. Because the Visual Vocal app supports an array of common panoramic image formats, pre-rendered and captured content is shown exactly as conceived, bypassing any phone performance limitations and giving content creators the utmost flexibility. As you easily teleport from scene to scene our app helps orient you and find areas that deserve your attention. Find a hotspot within a scene and experience different design stories by playing and creating your own voice+gaze recordings.

As a design project progresses through its various phases, updates and key decisions will automatically show up in your list of V|Vs. Clip a simple VR viewer onto your phone and switch through the different variations to compare different designs and vote on your favorite options. Then add your thoughts by recording your voice+gaze.

Invites to participate in each V|V design exchange can be carefully controlled to protect sensitive data and are managed via our enterprise grade web portal.

You can also quickly send invites to multiple meeting participants via V|V Rapid Pairing so that together, multiple people can inform each other of design preferences and come to shared understandings. During a Syncronicity session, a unique Meeting VVID controls access and lifespan of the meeting. Within a meeting, every person can highlight important visual features by easily drawing paths.

The Visual Vocal app provides graphical overviews of which designs garnered the most votes and the web portal tracks and reports overall participation rates. Streamline your decision-making process by exchanging valuable information and quickly determine which designs resonated with whom and why.

The Visual Vocal app supports any Google Cardboard-compliant headset. By default, our app is calibrated to use the Homido mini but you can easily re-calibrate the Visual Vocal mobile app to your viewer of choice by scanning the appropriate QR code from within the Visual Vocal app.

Even if you have not yet been invited to a Visual Vocal project, you can still test out our in-app sample content. Give it a try and immerse yourself in the future of design communication.

Immersive Design Communication Starts Here.

Welcome to Visual Vocal.
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