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If you work in any industry, production or on any assembly line and you are paid according to what percentage you achieve, this is the right tool for you.
All you need to do is to enter the following information and the tool does all the math for you :
- beginning of the working hours (more exactly the time of the Order's beginning) in the following format : HH.mm;
- total order amount in pcs. ;
- default time (this is the time that was calculated for one single unit from the beginning to the end of the production, and it is expressed in industrial time) in the following format : mm.ss (don't forget - it's industrial time (100 min, not 60 min));
- number of workers assigned to the task;
- the goal that you want to achieve, in percentage (eg. 100 or 125);

PRO version Benefits :
1. NO ADS !
2. Full app capabilities enabled :
- Clocking time shown (when the order is completed and you must report it). This feature is displayed both in "Without Setup Time" and "With Setup Time" activities, with and without brake;
- "With brake" information shown (Saved break value, Required time to completion and Clocking Time);
- Possibility to enter custom values for BRAKE (PAUSE) and Alarm (with how much time before clocking time should the alarm sound);
- "Last Order" and "Achieved Percentage" are enabled : "Last Order" is going to tell you how many pcs you require before shift change/shift end, entering time until that event in H.mm; "Achieved Percentage" shows you the achieved percentage (once calculated how many pcs you require until shift end/change, you can enter how many pcs you actually managed to do and it will tell you the achieved percentage);
- RO, HU, IT, PL partial or full translations;
- Capabilities found in FREE version;
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