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 Voomie Happy Jolts - Video Mood Elevator Maker 2.2

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Wake your phone and experience your favorite home video moments with Voomie, an awesome mood elevator!

HAPPY JOLTS! Grab your phone and there you are, back on the ski slopes, or goofing around with friends, or making a cardboard fort with your kid. Voomie is a natural mood elevator with each dose of quick home movies throughout the day.

Voomie won’t slow you down. You always have immediate access to all your phone functions and apps.

Voomies are simple to make and easy to share. Your very own dope wallpapers.

Voomies are a great procrastination aid. Voom - it’s that video jolt you need to get you going, keep you grateful for the special moments in life, a perfectly sized portion of happy. Voomie is a visual natural anti-depressant!


STEP 1. Select any 3 to 6-second portion of any video from your video library. Decide if you want slo-mo, regular speed or fast-motion. Use the slider to choose the perfect moment. The final frame will become your wallpaper.

STEP 2. Select the Voomie you want to greet you when you wake your phone. Or choose many and they’ll play randomly, so you’ll never know which Voomie you’ll see when you reach for your phone. Maybe it’s the one of you doing something awesome, somewhere awesome, with someone awesome.

THAT'S IT! With Voomie, you will experience your favorite personal live video wallpaper mood elevator each time you wake your device. Voomie is the best video wallpaper maker app you’ll ever experience. It’s a free mood elevator!

A skip of the heart. A smile. A celebration of what matters most.

That’s Voomie.

Clear your home screen of "icon clutter" to more fully enjoy your Voomie - a real mood elevator !
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