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Voyago is peer to peer shipping. Supports shipping anywhere on the planet. Send a package, get tracking updates, trust your packages will arrive safely. You can also deliver packages and earn money.
Voyago's free shipping app enables you to send/receive your stuff from anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Use your Internet connection and send away*. Send a parcel to friends & family with Voyago. Ship your loved ones anything using Voyago’s trusted peer to peer shipping network**.
Voyago’s free and high-quality Android app gives full control.

Why people choose Voyago:
★ Hassle-free, international shipments.
★ Quick shipping labels - Order, Print, and Ship!
★ Instant tracking.
★ Secured communications.
★ Integrated social tools.
★ 100% Trust.

(*) Wi-Fi or data plan - network data charges may apply.
(**) PLEASE BE AWARE! Voyago requires your full understanding of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please understand your role before using Voyago software. To ensure Voyago users remain safe, there are items that are prohibited from being carried in your hand luggage. They could be viewed as a security or terrorism risk. The prohibited items that cannot be taken on board certain vehicles and vessels.

Items that cannot be carried on in your carry-on baggage include:
★ Aerosols
★ Axes (I.e. Ice axes)
★ Batteries
★ Box cutters
★ Crampons
★ Crowbars
★ Darts
★ Drugs (I.e. Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, etc..)
★ Explosives and dangerous or volatile chemicals (I.e. Petrol and strong acids)
★ Fire arms
★ Fuels
★ Hatchets
★ Hooks
★ Ice skates
★ Items with sharp edges or points capable of injuring a person.
★ Kitchen utensils (Metal cutlery)
★ Knives or knife-like (whether or not made of metal)
★ Meat cleavers
★ Open/straight razors
★ Parts of Guns and/or Firearms
★ Pepper Spray
★ Sporting equipment (I.e. Rock climbing equipment, Ski poles)
★ Scalpels
★ Screwdrivers
★ Tear Gas
★ Work tools (Hammers, utility knives, saws, pliers and wrenches)

Items that cannot be carried on in your checked-in baggage include:
★ Certain Weapons, flares, Gun powders, Daggers, flick-knives, star knives, shuriken throwing irons, stars, harpoons, sabres, swords and swordsticks and similar things and spears.
Disabling and incapacitating chemicals, gases or sprays, such as mace, pepper or capsicum spray, tear gas, acid sprays. Animal-repellent sprays Billy clubs, leather billies, blackjacks Martial arts equipment such as knuckle dusters, clubs, coshes, rice flails and numchucks, kubatons, kubasaunts, night sticks and batons Ballistic knives and similar devices. Any item designed to discharge a projectile by means of an explosive or other propellant or mechanism, blow pipes, cross‑bows, spear guns, hunting slings, catapults, slingshots, bows and arrows Stun guns, cattle prods and tasers Dynamite, explosives (plastic or otherwise), blasting caps, blow‑torches, detonators, fuses and detonator cord, explosive flares in any form, grenades, mines and other explosive military stores, smoke cartridges Explosive flares in any form Smoke cartridges, Botoxins and infectious substances, eg. Preparations of anthrax spores Chemicals toxins, eg. chemical warfare agents. Household flammable goods. Aerosol containers, including spray paint, Petrol and any other flammable liquid Fireworks. Alcoholic beverages over 140 proof, Bang Snaps, Bear spray, Blasting Caps, Butane, CO2 Cartridge, Dynamite, Fertilizer, Fire Extinguishers and Other Compressed Gas Cylinders, Flammable Liquid, Flammable Gel, or Aerosol Paint, Fuels, Gas Torches, Hand Grenades, Liquid Bleach, Lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours, Live Coral, Live Fish, Drugs (I.e. Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, etc..), Tear Gas.

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