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VPN Master new is a free over-the-wall software for Android devices that gives you easy access to wall-mounted websites and videos in just one click, plus quick and easy access to Youtube, Twitter, Instagram , Facebook, Blogger, etc. Video, Games, Music ♬ Everything.

★ Why VPN Master new? ★
1. Connect to the endless list of countries all over the world!
2. One-click connection, ultra-fast over the wall
3. Good and simple interface
Data encryption, security

VPN Master new is one of the best over the wall software , free vpn , one click No need to sign up for global coverage, One second over the wall Get up to speed on overseas resources, and you can Go to China .

★ exciting ★
1. This vpn free android over wall software unlimited traffic without root
2. VPN is for WiFi, LTE, 4G, 3G and all mobile information carriers
3. Hotspot VPN , do not worry about data leakage, at any time to protect data security
4. Unlimited traffic hot spots , quick connection, one second over the wall
5. Extreme cloud wall, VPN proxy hotspot bring you wonderful over the wall experience

Go to over the wall with our VPN sky, and you can not only browse the internet in private, but also connect securely. The Free VPN application allows you to browse the vast network of different countries around the world: the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Malaysia and more.

What is the use of VPN? Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogger , always be happy with friends and relatives from overseas.

If you like this VPN sky Cloud Wall tool then recommend it to your friends! If you have any suggestions, you can comment on the message, we will promptly correct the optimization so that you have a better experience.


Our application is used for any legal purpose.
All acts that violate the laws of China and the country in which the server is located are strictly prohibited.
Use of the app will be deemed as acknowledgment of the statement.

Blue Lights VPN Technology Over The Wall :
Virtual Private Network, which we usually refer to VPN over the wall , is not a new concept of network. As its name suggests, Blue Light VPN can be defined as a private network service that utilizes public network facilities. A typical example is calling. When we called with friends, we used the public telephone network to establish a virtual private connection between the two parties. Two important concepts in Blue Light VPN Over The Wall are both virtual and private. The so-called virtual, is relative with the real. In a real private network, all network devices belong to a company or organization. The virtual private network is the use of public network infrastructure, so it is not real private. The so-called private means that all the real information is not visible to the outside world. Although Blue Light VPN uses public networks for both communications, data security and privacy can be guaranteed by means of information encryption. For example: Ark VPN , ArkVPN , mxvpn

Super VPN Why Deploy Over The Wall ?
The main reason for deploying Super VPN is to save money. In modern economic activities, many multinational corporations have their own branches and offices around the world. They often need business communications and remote collaboration. In order to establish such a connection, there are only two ways: one is to set up private leased lines between branches, and the other is to directly access the Internet to form a Super VPN based on a public network. . Obviously, the solution that uses the Internet is much more economical. If Super VPN uses a private line, you need to establish a point-to-point connection between every two branches.
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