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It is one of the first 360 real VR Space coasters available on the store. Always look for Awesome VR space coaster video.

One of the best examples in the genre of Virtual Reality (VR). It was created specifically for glasses Google Cardboard.

VR Space Coaster puts you right in the middle of the action as you destroy dangerous drones to win points.

A fascinating journey on a rollercoaster - the best way to become space driver with beautiful graphics, fine detailed spacecraft and many others.
The concept of the app reminds a 360-degree spherical video - you do not need to control anything, just sit down comfortably and run the application and it is absolutely free and does not contain the schedule does not load your smartphone!the VR space station colony of Zerzac 9. You and the rest of the colony conspire to overturn Gormak.

You must destroy his drones while riding on Space Coaster, which can be quite the challenge!.

"Air time" has a strange effect on your body because your body is not completely­ solid - it is composed of many loosely connected parts.

When your body is accelerated, each part of your body is accelerated individually. The seat pushes on your back, the muscles in your back push on some organs and those organs push on other organs. This is why you feel the ride with your whole body. Everything inside is being pushed around. On a VR Space Coaster, this full-body sensation is complemented by all sorts of visual cues - the upside-down turns, dizzying heights and passing structures.

Visual cues are an important part of the ride because they tell you that you are going fast. Your body can't feel velocity at all; it can only feel change in
velocity acceleration.The only reasons you know that you are moving quickly on a coaster is that the support structure is whipping past you at top speed, and the
air is rushing in your face.

More then 4K space ride videos
Beautiful and amazing graphics
Simple and easy
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