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So far, finding the right professional right in time could be very difficult!
And the most difficult with that is the fact that the difficulty is caused by the very basic things like the language we speak, the people we know... and so many other reasons you may know cause you surely know what we are talking about.
From now on, find and contact any professional wherever you stand in the world! No account needed, nothing else than this lightweight App because we know how it feels to be dealing with a broken car in the middle of nowhere!
Walkiwi is the first world wide universal and real-time catalogue of professionals and and smart enough to spare you the hassle of language barriers by automatically translating all your negotiation when necessary.
Walkiwi keeps its catalog up to date so that you are always sure that the professional you found there is available for you and can listen to you right at that moment.
Walkiwi always gives you the choice to find the best reputation or the best position according to your priorities by showing you the reputation of every professional found and the maximal duration of travel between you...
Walkiwi is a powerful tool against unemployment as it enables any qualified professional to show it skills to a targeted audience with a simple and short subscription process via the 'subscription' section or via the website www.walkity.com.
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