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What is Wallboard.Info?

Caution: Wallboard.Info is an app for businesses / shops. The application allows comprehensive and remote control of the content of TV screens, digital displays and tablets from a computer. As devices’ direct control becomes restricted / limited via their own keyboard by Wallboard.Info, we do NOT recommend installing the app on your mobile phone. We recommend that you download the app to an Android stick or tablet specifically delegated for this purpose. On mobile phones we recommend the installation only for test purposes by experienced users. If you downloaded and installed the application by mistake you can find the description of the uninstallation process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH4DhbqeAxI

In earlier times, shop owners communicated with the customers who visited their shops via posters and leaflets. Forget about those dusty, old methods, and communicate with your store’s visitors in a modern and much more efficient manner.

Just start by installing screens of all sizes (including TVs and Android tablets) in your shops, and then you can show the content generated by Wallboard.Info on them. You create the content centrally on our website (www.wallboard.info) and then send it to your own screens over the Internet – easily and simply. The screens can be installed in any number of stores and locations.

These are just some of the great advantages of Wallboard.Info:
- Create a modern atmosphere in your shops. Nobody pays attention to posters. Screens are in and attract the eye.
- Implement Wallboard.Info with a low initial investment and low ongoing costs.
- Entertain and inform your customers with rapidly changing content.
- Increase the awareness of your brand.
- Create more impulse buying among your customers.
- Primarily promote products with the highest margins.
- Feature products where they are available in your store.
- Adjust your screen contents quickly to new circumstances much faster than you could respond with posters.
- Save printing costs for posters and leaflets, many of which you throw away unused anyway.
- Sell advertising space to your suppliers and open up a new revenue stream.

You can view beautiful content on your screens, create advertising and information campaigns, and determine and change the timing of your content at any time by yourself.

On the Wallboard.Info website (www.wallboard.info), we provide one of the best editors available on the market, which allows you to create the content yourself and then – with the press of a button – broadcast it on your screens, such as:

- videos or video galleries;
- images or image galleries;
- audio;
- text or RSS feeds;
- Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter;
- Google Calendar;
- and much more.

Visit us at www.wallboard.info, and be your own director of programming.
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