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 Warfare Impact 1.3

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The Second World War is an event that left a huge mark in history. The number of films, books, articles and theories about this military conflict is just off scale. Not surprisingly, there are video games about this terrible and bloody battle. This game is just one of those. In it you have to fight with enemies on the side of one of the countries and, perhaps, abruptly change the course of history.

The place of action of the game is really wide - it unfolds around the world, where the military operations of the world war were conducted in those years! You can choose the army of any country and boldly lead it into battle. The arena on which you will fight, you also choose yourself. The type of battle is also yours. Want to break the enemy's army in a classic battle in the open area? Or do you prefer guerrilla fights in the middle of a dense thick forest? And maybe land battles are not what you want? It does not matter - take a seat on the warship and go to drown the enemy flotilla in the middle of the open sea. If the sea element is not yours, then refuel your aircraft and prove that your air armada is much steeper than the enemy. In this game, soldiers of any category will find themselves a game mode to taste!

The fighting takes place according to the "last survivor" system. Your military detachment clings with the enemy detachment and the battle begins. After killing the soldier you control, you begin to lead the next soldier, and so on, until your living resources of war heroes are exhausted. The winner of the battle is the side that either destroyed all the enemy soldiers, or saved more alive soldiers after the expiration of time. Naval and air battles take place according to the same pattern, only in the role of soldiers are ships and planes, respectively.

Separately, it is worth talking about the weapons system in the game. At the beginning of the game, each of your soldiers, regardless of the country's election, is armed with a standard set of military - a machine and a knife. But for the victories in the battles of the world war 2, you will receive a game currency, for which you can buy new types of weapons in the store. So, in your arsenal can appear grenades, mines, rifles, grenade launchers, protective gear, pistols and a bunch of types of firearms. All these upgrades will significantly improve the combat power of your army and will enable you to win more battles, thereby bringing your army closer to victory!

Another nice feature of this game is the ability to compete with real players. This means that the army of your opponents is controlled not by a computer, but by a player like you, sitting somewhere on the other end of the planet. After a fierce battle in ww2, you can contact this player using an in-game chat and offer him a friendship. If he accepts the offer, then you can unite your armies in a single whole and fight with him side by side, thereby becoming a formidable force for the adversaries! Prove that diplomacy, teamwork and mutual assistance is a set of phenomena that are capable of quickly ending a bloody war!

Demonstrate your skills at once in several roles - masterovitogo soldier, competent tactician, experienced commander and negotiator! Become a real world war heroes!
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