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 Warmage: Craft a Kingdom 1.115

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Warmage – Craft a Kingdom

Welcome to the most exciting indie strategy game with the taste of fantasy, heroes and summoned creatures. Your objective is simple: Build a kingdom, expand your empire and territory by taking down the enemies and building farms, training halls, watchtowers, summoning tower, mercenary outpost and more.

How to Play the Warmage
When your first open the game, you either can play campaign mode or start a random battle against the AI (artificial intelligence). When you start a quick auto combat battle, you start a war and get to fight against orcs, dark mages, bandits, lizardmen and draconians. Before going in to a battle, make sure you have already arranged, trained and equipped your team and you’ve chosen some perfect heroes. You can always summon new heroes whether they are common, rare or epic.
Note that, each unit has different abilities and before the combat battles get started, as a leader and commander you need to know about the power of your fantasy heroes and use the best combination in your kingdom-builder army.
Expanding your territory lets you create and build more farms, and selling the extra food you produce brings you more Gold. The more gold you have, the more power to build your kingdom stronger and quicker.

Is it easy to learn and play?
This strategy and kingdom game is super easy to learn and play. On the screen, you can see the whole world, the buildings, your army and of course the enemy group. To move your team, you just need to tap on the hex and specify the next step. You can also easily arrange your team, expand your territory, and start a war. So. It’s all about tapping and swiping.
The Help button on the left corner of the screen is always providing some good tips.

Warmage – Build a Kingdom Main Features:
• Easy to learn gameplay and simple yet engaging UI
• Quick auto combat battles
• Craft epic items and potions from the materials you collect
• Grow crafting materials in the farms to brew potions
• Play idle battles in multiple dimensions where you can sit back and relax while your team collects gold, xp and items
• Multiple dimensions each with different rules that you can use to gain advantage
• Play campaign mode with story
• Revolutionary new text dungeon mode - send a single adventurer to the underground tunnels and watch his/her journal entries
• Collect XP and epic items from there while you walk to school, run or ride a bike (The motion detector will progress the adventure while you are moving)
• Use training to make your team stronger and try different tactics and combination for different enemies
• Collect legendary artifacts: from wood staff and heal potion to Summoning scroll and Silver sword and more

Warmage provides you with everything you need to build a kingdom and expand your territory. At first, you just need to take some time to get familiar with the game’s environment, units’ movements, strategies, building, and ways to earn gold, and after that you will act as a leader to assemble a team of heroes and summoned creatures and fight against the darkness.


- This is an open-source game and it uses graphics and sounds from another open-source game legally and with permission.

- Updates will come with planned new features: more mini-games like an endless auto combat game, mining game.

- Suggestions/ideas/bug reports are welcome please send them here: warmagedev@gmail.com
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