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Wave Let’s Meet App - No more "where are you's"

Wave Let’s Meet App is the simplest way to find friends by sharing LIVE locations on a private map, no matter where. Wave is used to locate friends by millions of people in more than 150 countries.

Main features:

- 100% privacy: You decide when to share your location and for how long. You decide with who.
- Temporary Sharing: Send your real time location via link to anybody, even to those who still don’t have the app installed. A super hit between the users!
- Impressive real time GPS location.
- UX friendly design.
- Lightning fast chat.
- Groups up to 10 people to track your friends on a shared map.

Use Wave anytime you need to locate your friends or just to know where someone is:

- Travel in groups.
- Find your friends in the cities.
- Be connected even in crowded places, such as festivals, big events or beaches.
- Set a meeting point to let others know where to go.
- Feel safe while doing outdoor sports with others.
- Coordinate to pick up your spouse or friends.
- Drive safe without checking the phone and let your family see where you are.
- Family and friend locator.

What they say about us:

“I think it is very cool! I use it everyday with my friends to go around the city and pick other friends on the way. It is a simple way to find each other without spending money calling!”

“I love it when I am picking up my girlfriend by car and I see when she is leaving her house exactly so I can just start driving to her street at the precise moment and I don´t waste time going around. It also helps me understand when she is ready ;)”.

“Amazing App, I have been lost in a musical festival until I opened a wave with my friends and found them in the crowd. It was so accurate we could find each other in a very specific corner. I will carry it on with me from now on!”.


How do I get started?
Download the app for free and register in 10 seconds.

How do I start a session?
Select a friend (or invite him/her to Wave), send a request and choose the duration. When your friend accepts the request, you will see each other moving on a map just as you are doing in real life.

What can I do next?
Follow the map to see where to meet your friends, or select a meeting point. Meanwhile, feel free to jump into the chat at any time.

What if the time expires?
If the time expires, the map will close. However, you can add more time at any moment or expire the existing session.

How do I stop sharing my location?
Easy! Click on the time and select “stop”. Your friends will no longer see your location.

Wave Let’s Meet App - No more “Where are you’s”.

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