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 Welcome Hello Neighbor 1.0

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Welcome Hello Neighbor Are you ready for an Adventure! Explore wonderful worlds, collect as much coins as you can, but avoid the traps,
monsters and the evil Wizard. With the coins collected you can buy and upgrade Super Powers goodbye neighbor
to help you through the harsh hello neighbor alpha worlds.Lots of cool characters to choose from, Play The Neighbor Game Adventure Run today.
Grab as many coins as you can to gain power. During your adventure, avoid the floating wizards and the plants that feed on mines and what you do. Do not fall into the trap of not returning. Well, if you've been hit by a minefield, snagged by a wizard eaten by a plant-eating person or fallen into hell, there's no return, and the game over guesses what you get gets you left on. You restart The coins you earn during the game can be used to purchase Super Powers to help you through the game. Are you ready to play? Download The Runner Games today!
• Fifteen characters to choose from and many more to come! You can also buy letters with coins that you get in the game.
• If you avoid floating wizard, eat plants. But not in return! Do not worry that your game will be saved so you can get where you left off.
• Each world has 5 levels and infinity mode, so you can use it infinitely. Can you reach Earth 6? I wonder: p
• Each star is at the level of 100 points; Make sure to collect them to get the best score!
• You can buy letters with coins that you get while your Neighbor adventure on every level!
• Win the super power at the end of every level if you are lucky! Otherwise, you can buy super power at the power shop!
• Well we can not tell you everything! Take on the Welcome Hello Neighbor adventure! Download Adventures and see many more features.
Help you collect all the coins near you.
Protector Shield protects you from anything that can kill you like a plant that humans eat.
Allows you to add all the coins you receive in the game 2018.
• Helmet
Winged helmets let you fly!
Allows you to change traps and mines and other things that can kill you as coins!
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