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DISCLAIMER: Before downloading this app, please make sure you have read through the documentation on our website, https://wemessageapp.com, about what this app specifically does and you know the requirements needed in order to make it work.

weMessage finally brings one of the world's most popular messaging platforms to your Android device.

The weMessage app is only one piece of two software you must download. You will need the actual app and also a messaging server called the weServer. weMessage works by sending its messages to your weServer. In order for you to use this app, you must install and setup your weServer. For more information about setting this up, check out our website: https://wemessageapp.com/setup.

weMessage, through communication with your weServer, unlocks many features that today's current messaging solutions lack. weMessage does not store your messages on a central server. Instead, you have full control over the messages you send, as you host it on your own computer.


■ Group Chats - weMessage allows you to send and receive group chat messages. You can also create, rename, or add and remove people from group chats.

■ Attachments - Built-in support for image, audio, and video attachments! You can also send voice messages or pictures taken straight from your camera!

■ Easy Customization - You can easily customize contact names, add contact photos, set group chat icons, and more!

■ Read Receipts - weMessage shows you when your message has been delivered or read by the recipient.

■ Encryption - Your messages are sent and delivered using AES cryptography, the encryption standard for the U.S. government. This ensures that your messages will not be intercepted over public Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

■ Even More! - weMessage also supports Do Not Disturb, contact blocking, notifications, big emoji messages, and includes a built-in video player and web browser!

Through weMessage, you will have a powerful, comprehensive messaging solution that will connect you with your friends.
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