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Do you have food allergies, dietary preferences or a diet-specific illness?

Maybe you are on a pregnancy diet, vegan diet or gluten-free diet, simply want to avoid all forms of processed sugar and sweeteners or you what to know what’s in the food that you eat. Whatsinit? (aka what’s in it?) is the free food ingredients app by nutritionists and dieticians that helps you navigate all foods to ensure that you are only eating the things you want and nothing else.

Who we are:
What’s in it? was created in 2015 by a couple who lost their jobs and a tight budget forced them to buy cheaper, long-lasting processed food. Living with sickle cell anaemia, a genetic condition that can be worsened by a bad diet, they soon realised that most food ingredients labels were too complex for them understand and made it harder to avoid certain ingredients. Tired of asking what’s in this? What’s in that? They built a food ingredients and allergies scanner that lets you quickly and easily understand any food that you eat, no matter your budget.

The app has an extensive and growing database of more than 25 food categories- including a complete list of additives, plants, grains, proteins and even probiotic bacteria in food. It helps you understand exactly what you are eating, why it’s in your food and avoid any food ingredient with just one click.

Beyond calories, fat and sugar
The Whatsinit? app looks beyond calorie content to see the effects that all food ingredients can have on your health. It highlights known cancer-causing food ingredients in both processed and unprocessed food, foods that can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, ADHD in children, IBS, bad skin and other chronic and minor illnesses. It also includes foods that can be used to manage or cure various illnesses. All this information and more is available for free.

How the app works:
You simply type, say or take a picture of any food ingredient or ingredients label.
What’s in it? rapidly produces the full list of all the ingredients.
Each ingredient is colour-coded: green (safe), yellow (caution), orange (cut back), or red (unsafe).
Each ingredient has a simple, reliable and concise description that is never more than 12 words that can be accessed by swiping left.
You can also choose to read a more detailed — but still clear and comprehensible — description that includes aliases (i.e. other names that the ingredient goes by), nutrients and potential side effects.

The Whatsinit? app also lets you:
Flag and avoid any food ingredient, list of ingredients, or entire food groups that you may be allergic to (e.g. gluten, dairy and nuts).
Proactively block any food that you are trying to avoid like sugar, MSG and animal by-products or food ingredients that you simply don’t like and don’t want to eat.
Save and share what you find across social media.

You’ll love our in-app blog
What’s in it? also features an in-app blog that consists of only original content that is regularly created by medical professionals, nutritionists, dieticians and trainers, including: blog posts on health and wellness, insightful ‘did you know’ facts, unbiased product reviews, and a summary of weekly food-related news.

Other unique features:
What’s in it? is completely free and there is no in-app advertising.
All content is overseen by qualified professionals in the food and health industry, and researched exclusively for the Whatsinit? app — which means that you won’t find it anywhere else.

If you have any problems with the app please email us on web-contact@whatsinitapp.com
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