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Wheelchair Lifts


Wheelchair lifts are designed to help transport wheelchairs and to make mobility equipment more user-friendly/

Some wheelchair lifts are used to lift wheelchairs into cars and vans for easy transport, while others are used at your residence.

A Wheelchair Lift, also referred to as a wheelchair platform lift, vertical platform lift, occasionally a wheel chair stair lift, or vertical lift, is a powered device designed to raise a wheelchair and its occupant in order to overcome a step or similar vertical barrier.

A vertical wheelchair lift is a more cost-effective alternative than an elevator, and is visually more appealing than a ramp when you need to provide wheel chair access to your home or a public building.

Wheelchair lifts provide wheelchair access to the places that we take for granted. Wheelchair lifts make it possible to get to multiple levels in your house and provide easy transportation.

Examples of Types of lifts:

- Hydraulic wheelchair lifts use hydraulics for fluid and smooth movement. Fluid operation allows the lift to even out any sudden changes in speed or surface. This is unavailable with other lifts and may be why hydraulic lifts are more expensive. Hydraulic lifts are smooth and safe and will never concern you with a power outage.

- Electric wheelchair lifts are cheaper then hydraulic, and you don't have to worry about system repair. Should a power outage occur, most electric lifts are equipped with an emergency battery lowering device. Electric lifts can be customized to include automatic door openers or telephone jacks.

- Home Stair lifts can be installed anywhere inside or outside the home you love. Newer home lifts take up little space and are designed to be quiet and comfortable. Some rise up to 23 feet and are able to lift up to 350 pounds (specialty lifts are made to lift more). Home lifts range in price from $2,500-$4,000.

- Automobile lifts make ordinary automobiles wheelchair accessible. Lifts can be operated by one person and are easy to use and disassemble. Automotive lifts are available for vans and most model cars on the road today. Many car manufacturers even offer a reimbursement program to cover most of the cost. Automobile lifts range from $800-$2,500 .

- Wheelchair van ramps make a van wheelchair accessible. While wheelchair lifts offer more options, van ramps are much more affordable, and provide the same basic function. Van ramps come spring-loaded for easy lifting, and since they are not mechanical, they won't require repairs Van ramps fold in half and store vertically, and they cost from $500-$1,500.

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