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Whoopee Cushion
Sounds like real Whoopee Cushion.You can use it to prank your friends.

We found most realistic sounds for most realistic pranks! New level of pranks with whoopee cushion is here

Whoopee Cushion (fart) This is an funny application to create funny fart jokes and hilarious fart situations.

Fart Cushion is the classic practical joke sure to embarrass all your friends. And it's a free app! Place the device safely on couch or chair just like a normal "Whoopee Cushion." The app will detect when your friend sits down and then emit a loud farting noise. Laugh at them, and then move on to the next victim.

Turn your device into the best fart machine ever! Embarrass all your friends and family with this classic prank. It's the perfect free app for all ages. Farting is the universal language of humor. Note: For best accelerometer/touch results change the Auto-Lock setting to 5 Minutes or Never.

A whoopie cushion, also known as a poo-poo cushion and Razzberry Cushion, is a practical joke toy, used in a form of flatulence humor, which produces a noise resembling a fart.
It is made from two sheets of rubber that are glued together at the edges. There is a small opening with a flap at one end for air to enter and leave the cushion.

you can laugh your friends with a hilarious of fart sounds effects with a timer to schedule a fart.
Whoopee Cushion that produce different ramdom fart sounds.Perfect for practical jokes! Trick and embarrass friends, family and others.

This entertainment application have some features like Multiple fart sounds for free! Drop the biggest atomic fart ever!, Multiple ways to trigger farts: Accelerometer, Touch, GPS, and Timer , Loud and varied farting noises, Sounds professionally rendered and optimized for device speaker , Fart cushion shaking animation with sound effects, Endless fun and humor pranking your friends!, Runs great on all Android phones, tablets, and other devices, Optimized UI for Tablets too!, Cycles through a Soundboard of Farts, High Resolution Whoopee Cushion Artwork, Entire Screen acts as a Fart Button - Just tap and drop a bomb!, Free Fart App and Super Funny!

Huge Sound Library!
60 hilarious sound effects of all types:,Polite Fart,Medium Fart,Nasty Fart

Why pay for a stupid toy when you can have one for free? This app simulates how a real whoopee cushion operates by using all sensors on the device to detect motion, movement, touch, and elapsed time.
Tap the screen like a button to trigger a unique fart sound. It’s a fun game to prank your friends and this app will always be free.

What is a dumpling? This is a funny application that can make jokes to your friends. Press the pillow and you will hear the pulsing sounds!

This app will get the closest to a real whoopee cushion. Have fun!

Enjoy with Whoopee Cushion (fart) sounds effects to laugh your friends crazy. This application is brought to you totally free. Do Whoopee Cushion prank or fart prank with your friend and family and have some entertainment.

Classic joke from today on your phone! Download and enjoy unlimited. :)
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